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Binarium withdrawal: How to withdraw money

Minimum withdrawal $10
Payment methods Credit card, E-Wallets, Crypto
Withdrawal fees $0

It is no surprise that most traders look for broker firms offering favorable trading conditions to augment their money-making opportunities. However, if you are also searching for a trading platform that can fine-tune your trading strategies and take your trading to the next level, Binarium is the one-stop choice. 

Incepted in the year 2012, Binarium is one of the best trading firms in the industry. It is one of the few binary options brokers renowned for offering a comfortable trading experience to new and experienced traders. In addition, Binarium is reliable, easy to use, and comes with a quick fund withdrawal process- this is undoubtedly one of its highlights. Want to know how easy it is to withdraw money from Binarium? If yes, keep reading. In this article, we’ll acquaint you with everything you need to know about Binarium withdrawal as a beginner. 

Steps to withdraw money from Binarium

Withdrawal money

The notable benefit of Binarium is that you can withdraw all your profits easily without any complicacy. It involves the following three simple steps:

Step #1 

Log in to Binarium using your personal information (email/ phone number). 

Step #2 

After successful login, navigate to the top bar of the platform. Here you will find “Deposit” on the right-hand side. 

Step #3 

Click on the “Deposit.” This will open up a list of options from it; select “Withdrawal.”

Step #4 

Select your preferred withdrawal method, enter the amount, and click on the “Withdraw” tab. 

Gladly, it is easier than you think. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Maximum withdrawal limit available on Binarium 

The maximum withdrawal amount per transaction with Binarium can be $250, €250, A$250, ₽15,000, or ₴6,000. These limits have been enforced to facilitate quick transactions. If you want to withdraw a more significant amount, you can do it by conducting multiple transactions. However, the number of transactions you can conduct will depend on your trading account type. 

Mentioned below are the trading account types available with Binarium:

#1 Start

  • Deposit amount between 5-99 $. 
  • 25 assets for trading. 
  • One withdrawal request per day. 
  • The withdrawal limit per day is 200 $.  
  • The withdrawal limit per month is 1000 $. 

#2 Standard

  • Deposit amount between 100-499.99 $.
  • 29 assets for trading. 
  • Two withdrawal requests per day. 
  • The withdrawal limit per day is $ 500. 
  • The withdrawal limit per month is $ 2500. 

#3 Business

  • Deposit amount between 500-1999.99 $.
  • Withdrawal processed in a single day. 
  • Five withdrawal requests per day. 
  • 33 available trading assets. 
  • The withdrawal limit per day is $ 1000.
  • Withdrawal limit per month $ 20,000 per. 

#4 Premium

  • Deposit amount between 2000-4999.99 $.
  • Five withdrawal requests per day. 
  • 53 trading assets. 
  • The withdrawal limit per day is $ 5,000. 
  • The withdrawal limit per month is $ 50,000.

#5 VIP

  • Deposit amount from 5000 $. 
  • Withdrawal at the first request. 
  • Unlimited withdrawal requests. 
  • 57 trading assets. 
  • The withdrawal limit per calendar day is $ 15,000.  
  • The withdrawal limit per month is $ 100,000. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Minimum withdrawal Limit

Binarium also imposes a minimum limit on funds that you can withdraw from your account. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $5, €5, $A5, ₽300, or ₴150.

Deposit and withdrawal Fee

Binarium does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee. Instead, it levies a payment system fee at the time when you add or withdraw money from your account. 

Nevertheless, if the sum of your trades is not at least as double as of your deposit, you may be exempted from the 10% fee applicable on your withdrawal capital. 

Funding and withdrawal options available on Binarium 

Binarium works with all major payment systems. You can make deposits and withdrawals via:

  • Debit / credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard/ Mir Credit Card).
  • E-wallets (Qiwi/Yandex.Money/WebMoney/Neteller).
  • The platform also accepts cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ripple/ Ethereum).

Withdrawal processing time 

Withdrawing funds from Binarium requires the trader first to undergo a verification process. If you comply with all prerequisites and your account is successfully verified, it will process your withdrawal request within an hour. However, if your profile is not verified, it could take up to three business days to complete the request. 

Note: Withdrawal requests by Binarium are only processed during its operating hours, i.e. (09:00–22:00 (GMT +3) Monday to Friday). Moreover, on weekends the company handles limited requests. 

Binarium withdrawal policy

Binarium offers you the safest environment to trade. It follows stringent policies to safeguard its users against fraud and money laundering activities. In order to ensure this, before submitting a withdrawal request, a trader is required to undergo the mandatory verification process. 

Furthermore, the transfer is initiated to those bank accounts only that are previously linked to your Binarium account for executing transactions. However, if you want to update your account or your account is no longer in existence, you can approach the Binarium customer support team [email protected]

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Binarium withdrawal verification process

The Binarium verification process begins with completing personal and contact details in the User Profile Section. After successful validation of all details, you are required to send the email below given documents to [email protected].

List of Documents for Trading Accounts Using VISA, MasterCard, And Maestro Cards:

Document #1 

A scanned copy of the bank card or its high-resolution photo with clear visibility of both sides. Your bank card must clearly display the following details:

  • The first six and last four digits of the card number. The rest of the numbers in the middle must remain hidden. 
  • First and last name of the cardholder. 
  • Expiration date of the card. 
  • Card holder’s signature. 
  • The CVV code of the card must remain hidden. 

Document #2 

A scanned copy of the card holder’s Passport or a high-resolution photo displaying the following information:

  • Passport holder’s personal details.
  • Passport’s period of validity.
  • Country of issue
  • Signature and photograph of the passport holder.
  • Bank-issued official statement showing the payment made to Binarium (digital statements from bank mobile app are not accepted).

List of Documents for Trading Accounts Using E-Wallets and Cryptocurrency:

Document #1 

A scanned copy of the card holder’s Passport or a high-resolution photo displaying the following information:

  • Passport holder’s personal details.
  • Passport’s period of validity.
  • Country of issue
  • Signature and photograph of the passport holder.

Document #2 

Document issued from e-wallet validating payment made to Binarium. A screenshot of the transaction will also work. In addition, the document should display the list of transactions completed in a particular month when you made a deposit. 

Hiding or editing any detail on the scanned copies of photographs is strictly restricted. Also, funding and withdrawals transactions shall be accessible to the legit account holder only; third-party involvement is prohibited. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Deposit Bonus withdrawal

Binarium stands out for treating its users with a good amount of bonuses. You can avail of up to 100% bonus on your deposit, plus access to numerous free tournaments. However, the withdrawal of this deposit bonus is not immediate. You can withdraw them only when you reach a specific trade volume, 40 times your bonus amount received for topping up your account. 

For instance, suppose you made a deposit to your account and received $100 as a bonus. So, to withdraw your bonus capital, your total trade volume must be $100×40= $4,000. 

Moreover, for no deposit bonuses, your bonus amount should be raised to over 50 times. And your withdrawal amount should not be higher than the no deposit bonus received. 

Essential Tips On Bonus Withdrawals

  • The total turnover for bonus withdrawal will comprise both the profitable and losing trades.  
  • Orders closed at an opening price won’t be counted in the turnover. 
  • Withdrawal from deposited funds that awarded you bonus will automatically lead to bonus deduction from your Binarium account. 
  • Binarium strictly prohibits the use of the Martingale strategy (doubling of investment capital). The Binarium platform can easily recognize such trades and hence excludes them from turnover. As such, these trades are deemed invalid and are subject to rejection by the company. 
  • The bonus turnover per trade is no more than 5% of the total bonus amount. 

Some Additional Points to Remember

  • The time consumed in the transfer of funds may vary depending on your chosen payment mode. 
  • Withdrawals processed to bank cards can take multiple business days to reach your bank account. 
  • Withdrawals to e-wallets are completed within an hour of request approval by the Binarium finance department. 
  • If your funds haven’t been credited within a given time frame, reach out to the Binarium support team for assistance. 
  • Lastly, to avoid any discrepancy or rejection of your withdrawal request, make sure to furnish your profile details and account information accurately. If you have entered the wrong information, you can edit them through Profile settings. 


Summing it up, Binarium offers the most hassle-free withdrawal process. It is a reliable and straightforward platform that adheres to high-level service standards. Additionally, considering the ease of use, it is a pretty good choice for both beginners as well as experienced traders. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)