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BinaryCent minimum deposit and payment methods

Minimum deposit $250
Payment methods Banktransfer, Credit card, E-Wallets, Crypto
Deposit fees $0

Binary trading is the highest and easiest way of earning nowadays. A lot of platforms out there are offering practical terms for over-trading. When it comes to shortlisting the top names, Binarycent will be on the list for sure. So let’s know more about Binarycent.


Binarycent is a trading platform located in Vanuatu. Since 2017, it is offering great deals on binary options trading. The famous company Finance Group Corp is the owner of this Trading Platform. This organization has started a project called Cent Project LTD., Under which maintains Binarycent.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Is your money safe with BinaryCent?

It is the most common doubt for a trader. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need your money guaranteed in the first place. That’s why before jumping into the withdrawal process, you must have a ledge regarding the safety and regulations of this site.

  • VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Service Commission) is a popular community that regulates all the financial deals with official licenses in their area. As this company is a part of Vanuatu, your money will be safe under Binarycent. 
  • Another benefit is, you can read the market with the help of its partner company, Binarymate. It is a market analysis company connected with Binarycent. Traders can have all the crucial information from this company which will eventually help them to trade.

Thus with a foolproof plan, you can proceed with the trading. Binary trading and forex trading, CFDs, and other opportunities will be here as well. As you know regulations, it’s time for you to jump into the discussion. Let’s start.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What are the minimum deposits on BinaryCent?

Are you probably wondering why there are so many Account types in a single binary trading platform? Whatever the names are, moreover the division is into three categories. Those are beginner, intermediate, and professional. 

For those who are complete beginners, offering so many high-quality tools will be pointless as they don’t know how to manage those. They need sufficient materials to trade. The same goes for intermediate and professionals. As the importance of necessary tools and offers are separate, the price will be different too.

As the price is now under consideration, the deposit money will vary as well. Those are discussed in detail below. However, before that, let’s know the Account types available here. 

binarycent account types

Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three types of Accounts in Binarycent. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#1 Bronze Account

Binarycent Bronze Account needs a total of $250 as a minimum deposit. The amount is comparatively higher than other trading platforms; however, you need to know the reasons. A good number of offers are available for them. It offers a 20% bonus for beginners. So, the Binarycent account balance comes to $300.

What you’ll have here? Though it is common for all account holders. You can have 24×7 customer support. Email, phone number, and live chat are available. However, if you are comfortable with video chat, that is here too.

Though it is a beginner Account, you can still have a demo account for yourself. In this demo account, you can make as much money as you want. However, KYC is mandatory to withdraw that money. The Withdrawal process is relatively faster here. It takes only 1 hour to complete the verification process.

Lastly, you can have a copy trading tool. Charts, lines, candlesticks, and Records are available to the customers. This tool is beneficial when you are a beginner. No other platform will offer you such an advanced tool to go with.

#2 Silver Account

Silver Account is for the intermediate as well as the professional. The expert traders who have designed these Accounts know perfectly what you need. The minimum deposition fee is $1000

However, you’ll get a 50% bonus. So it will become $1,500, and you can trade with this money. However, remember, you have to do at least 40 tradings with this account opening to withdraw money.

If you ask what you’ll have here, then everything from the Bronze Account. Again, you’ll have many more options in your hand. 24×7 customer support with a live video chat facility, demo account, and copy trading tool. The advanced form of these tools will be available soon.

Along with a 50% bonus, you can have three trading opportunities without risking your money. Such a great facility is being given only in Binarycent. Take full advantage of it. You can earn money but during withdrawal, make sure you have submitted KYC.

Last but not least, you can have a master class on trading. All the professional traders will gather here to give you the best knowledge. They’ll share experiences with you and provide vital tips to use tools efficiently. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#3 Gold Account

Gold Account is the most incredible account here with lots of benefits. The minimum deposition amount is $3000. With a 100% bonus offer, you’ll get $6000 in your account. The same trading rule goes with this account. You have to trade at least 40 times to make a successful withdrawal.

Let’s list out what you’ll have here. All the benefits of beginner-level and intermediate-level trading are available here, like 24×7 live video chat support, a withdrawal facility within 1 hour, a demo account, copy trading tool, and so on. You’ll even have three risk-free trading facilities too.

Let’s talk about the advanced facility of this Trading Account. You can have a master class with the professionals. Same as before? No, here, according to your level of knowledge, the session is set. Lots of traders are getting benefited from these sessions. You’ll have the upper hand too.

Another stunning feature is the personal success manager. This is unique compared to other sites. Here you can know the exact situation of trading. Helpful information at the crucial time, best indicators, and providing signals are the qualities of this feature. Take full advantage of it. 

After all this information, if you want to know what the minimum amount of deposit for trading is, it is 10 cents only. Earn your full potential. 

What are the payment methods on BinaryCent?


Binarycent has a wide range of payment methods. This site has some strict rules regarding payment. First of all, submit the KYC properly. As this trading platform is under VFSC, they never ignore the taxation rules. 

After the withdrawal process, you’ll go through a verification process. It is important here. Verification may or may not be done from the bank’s side, but make sure you are doing it in BinaryCent Account with the topmost concern. 

Lastly, if you are a trader, then create a bank account with your details. Don’t connect other’s bank accounts for withdrawal. These rules need to be maintained; otherwise, your payment gets delayed due to not having proper confirmation. To avoid any difficulties, you have to maintain decorum. 

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#1 Credit Card and Debit Card

Credit cards and debit cards are valid for almost every country. Maestro, Master Card, and Visa, all these three cards are available on this site. Visa Electron is being offered too, in case your country is allowing it. 

#2 E-Wallet

E-Wallets are the best nowadays. Many traders are there who don’t have to do many payment options available in their countries. So, electronic wallets can be an excellent option for them. Perfect Money, PayPal, Web Money, Payco, Alipay, Neteller, and other options are good to go.

Web Money doesn’t cause any charge for the transactions. It can be a great deal for you if you want to make the payment successful without any charges. 

#3 Crypto Currency

Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, are the most popular transaction methods with this application. Converting all your money into cryptocurrency is not offered by all platforms. As this platform is offering such a facility, use it. Again you can use this money for further trading. 

#4 Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is allowed here too. It is the most common payment method, available for almost every trading platform. However, the process is quite tough to bear, and everyone chooses other options. Just make sure you have done all the necessary verification processes, then the bank transfer will be easy for you too. 

These are the payment options for Binarycent. Recently they are planning to expand their trading platform to more countries. So there is a big chance more payment options will be available. US and UK traders can trade with this platform without any confusion.

Conclusion: You can start with a $250 minimum deposit on BinaryCent

This is all about the payment methods of Binarycent. Very few trading platforms are there which are offering such a wide range of payment options. They don’t charge for the deposit or the withdrawal. If anything is being charged, that is because of the payment method you have selected.

Trading here can provide you with a fruitful experience. Several Qualities are offered here like web sessions, copy trading tools, mobile trading, demo account, and others. The three risk-free tradings are another plus point here. Calculating all the features, we can conclude that it is a great platform to trade with.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions about the deposits on BinaryCent

What is the BinaryCent minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit on BinaryCent is $250.

What payment methods are available for deposits on BinaryCent?

You can fund your BinaryCent account by depositing via Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoins.

Are there any deposit fees on BinaryCent?

No, on BinaryCent, there are no fees for deposits via Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoins. However, you can calculate with a 5% fee if you choose to deposit via Visa or Mastercard.

How long does it take for the funds to arrive on BinaryCent?

Your funds should usually arrive within a couple of minutes to hours. If you have any problems with your deposits, you can contact the support team of BinaryCent:
[email protected]