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BinaryCent fees: How much does it cost?

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BinaryCent is one of the top binary options brokers situated in Vanuatu. This broker platform came into action in 2017. Also, the platform is under the management of a company, Cent Projects LTD. This company is a subsidiary of Finance Group Corp. The specialization of BinaryCent is Binary Options trading, CFDs, and Forex trading. BinaryCent can help you earn a return on investment up to 95%, one every trade.

Binarycent fees

The navigation aspect of this platform is effortless and convenient. You will get an auto-tour of the entire site when you sign-up for it. There are different tools to help you make better decisions on binary options trading. Some of the tools include chart patterns, trading indicators, and others. Apart from that, you also get the economic announcements and associated tips for technical analysis. The most significant part of the website is a chart that you can view either in candle format or a line/tick format.

The candle format is always preferable for a customizable charting package. This platform also has a list of some assembled assets, including commodities, stocks, forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. Also, the traders have the options to choose from and consider trading with them, either for long-term, intra-day, or with turbo strategies. The turbo strategy ends within just 30 minutes with 1-minute increments. Hence, it is known as short-term trading.

The minimum trade amount that you have to pay over BinaryCent is just 10 cents. But, there are more details to BinaryCent fees that you must know before you can invest in it. Follow this article till the end to get complete knowledge of it.

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Account types of BinaryCent and minimum deposit fees

The minimum deposit to create an account over BinaryCent is $250. Yes, the deposit amount is high for this platform in comparison to other platforms. But the catch is that BinaryCent offers a bonus with any type of account you open. The higher your deposit amount is, the higher is your deposit bonus. The deposit bonus will be straight-away added to your funds account over BinaryCent, which you can use for your Binary Options trading.

But, the deposit bonus varies, depending upon the BinaryCent fees deposit that you make. Here is a brief explanation of the account types and the bonuses that are elaborated with the same:

binarycent account types

#1 BinaryCent Bronze Account- Bonus-20%

The bronze account type demands minimum BinaryCent fees deposit of $250. In fact, it starts the bonus aspect with 20%. It means that if you are depositing $250 to your BinaryCent account, then you will get $300 credited to the trading account.

The bronze account bonus of 20% will remain the same up to the BinaryCent fees deposit of $999. So, the higher the amount, the more your bonus will be! So, make sure you consider it accordingly. To help you learn more about the bronze account of BinaryCent, here are some of the services and features that you will get with it:

  • You get fast withdrawals within just one hour.
  • You will get the demo account with virtual funds to practice binary trading.
  • With the bronze account, you also have access to a copy trading tool. The copy trading tools allow you to copy the trading pattern of top individuals over the platform and then implement it or tweak it to meet your strategies.
  • You get live chat/ video support throughout the day.

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

#2 BinaryCent Silver Account- Bonus- 50%

The silver account type demands minimum BinaryCent fees deposit of $1000. And, this is the requirement for enabling you a 50% deposit bonus. It means that if you deposit $1000 in your BinaryCent account, then you will load $1500 to your trading account. You get free bucks to trade on binary options without worrying about the losses.

The silver account bonus of 50% will remain the same for up to $2999. If you decide to deposit a considerable amount to your trading account, then you are truly about to get a great bonus to kick start. You can initially start with low deposits to earn your trust for this platform. And then, you can switch to higher account types to earn more bonuses.

Along with the bonuses on BinaryCent fees deposit, the silver account type also has some additional features in comparison to the bronze account type. The features include:

  • Fast withdrawals are common in silver account types as well. The withdrawals are mostly in one house.
  • Also, you get access to a demo account of this type. Use the virtual funds to get used to the interface, practice the mode of trading, and then plan out your strategies.
  • The copy trading tool is standard in all account types. It is a great tool to help rookies learn the right approach to binary options trading. By copying the trading patterns of professionals over BinaryCent, you can just take a leap to your profit journey.
  • The best thing about the silver account type is that you get educational resources. There is a master class session or a web session where you will learn about Binary Options trading. In fact, this session will explain to you how to implement your trading strategies on BinaryCent’s platform. 
  • With the choice of silver account type, you get the first three risk-free trades. It means that you won’t have anything to lose within these three trades. If you win, then you get the profit! But if you lose, you will lose nothing, only for the first three trades.
  • In addition to all that, you get 24/7 customer support through live video chat or text chat. 

#3 BinaryCent Gold Account- Bonus-100%

What is better than getting a 100% bonus? There is no such platform that can offer such a perk over its operations. The gold account type demands you to make a minimum BinaryCent fees deposit of $3000. If you do so, you are automatically eligible to possess the gold account.

The gold account offers a bonus of 100%. It means that if you are depositing $3000 to your BinaryCent trading account, you will be having a total of $6000 in it. If you can afford to put in anything beyond $3000, you will not have to spend your own money on initial trading days at all. For the $3000, you get a bonus that can be your initial trading money. And if you keep on winning with it, then it is like a win-win for you!

The bonus of 100% for the gold account will be available in between the BinaryCent fees deposit range of $3000 to $25000. The higher the choice of deposit fees, the higher will be the advantages. You have the chance to win a free $25000 bonus with an investment of $25000. So, consider your choices and budget accordingly.

The perks that you get with BinaryCent Gold Account Type are as follows:

  • Withdrawals are fast, and you need to wait for less than one hour to withdraw your amount.
  • The demo account is for you to use the virtual funds and practice binary options trading. You do not have to pay any BinaryCent fees for using the demo account, as it is complimentary with the account!
  • You get a copy trading tool to make a professional approach towards binary options trading. Along with that, you also get educational resources such as a web session with experts to learn about how to trade binary options and use BinaryCent.
  • You get 3 risk-free trades. Also, you get to lose nothing within these trades, but with the correct predictions, you can win the profit.
  • The unique perk of gold account type is that you get a personal success manager. The personal success manager will be a trading expert to guide you with suggestions for investments. Also, the success manager will help you win more trades and make more money with minimal or no losses.

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Funding and withdrawal methods and fees for payments:

As of now, you are aware of what BinaryCent fees you have to pay for each account type. But, it is also essential to know your payment options, using which you have to pay your deposits. It should meet your convenience on priority. Therefore, the funding & withdrawal options over BinaryCent are as follows:

#1 VISA & MasterCard

Debit and Credit Cards- The transfer fee is 5%.

#2 Bitcoin

There is no transfer fee with this payment method.

#3 Ethereum

There is no transfer fee with this payment method.

#4 Altcoins

No transfer fee with this payment mode.

BinaryCent doesn’t charge the transfer fees for the bitcoin, ethereum, and altcoin payment & withdrawal method. But, the third-party fees might be applicable in some scenarios. The time of funding might delay during the public holidays or weekends.

Conclusion on the BinaryCent fees:

Knowing about the BinaryCent fees is equally crucial as knowing how to trade Binary Options. It is one of the most popular broker platforms for binary trading. And getting to know it in detail is necessary to practice and master this trading fortune. So, make sure you get a clear idea of the deposit you have to make for each BinaryCent account type. And, you can explore all the bonuses and advantages of the platform.

(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)