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Deriv.com fees – How much does it cost to trade?

Type of fees Fees from
Deposit fees $0
Withdrawal fees $0
Trading fees From 0.5 pips without commission

Back then, those who worked for massive financial organizations, brokerage firms, and trading companies used to be the only ones who could regularly trade in the stock market. But, due to the growth of the global market and online trading firms, any individual investor may now trade. 

Online trading is a common way to deal in the financial market through online platforms. Brokers took it online, and their online platforms now provide a wide range of financial products such as equities, commodities, bonds, exchange-traded funds, and futures.

When an investor wished to invest funds in stocks in the past, they used to consult their broker and asked that a request be placed to purchase stocks of a certain business for a specific sum.

The broker then would inform them of the current stock price and finalize the trade.

The purchase would be put on the stock market when the client verified their trading account, the fees of the broker, and the time span necessary for the transaction.

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(RIsk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How much does it cost to trade on Deriv? 

Traders can start trading at deriv.com with minimal amounts. The fonts to trade may vary according to the platform you are using. There are three platforms to trade on deriv.com- Dtrader, Dbot, and DMT5

If you are trading on Dtrader, you are able to trade with an amount of as low as 0.35 dollars as a minimum stake and get a greater than 200% potential payout

While trading on Dbot, you can enjoy automated trading that offers you to start a trading account at zero cost. On the other hand, trading on the third platform, DMT5, includes cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities, and more. So the cost to trade may differ based on the market you choose.  

The platform also makes it possible for individuals to participate in financial markets even with investing minimal funds. It is possible through Options, which are the products allowing payouts for predicting the movements of the market. You would not even need to purchase the underlying asset to make a profit. 

You just need to open a position to predict the market’s movement over a certain time period. Therefore, you can make a profit and get involved in financial markets even with less capital investment. 

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(RIsk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Minimum deposit/withdrawal explained 

There is no particular minimum deposit or withdrawal requirement on deriv.com. It may vary according to the payment methods you are using to withdraw or deposit funds. 

If you are starting to trade on Deriv, you need to begin by signing up for an account. The best part is that the platform does not need you to pay an initial deposit to open the account. 

However, while registering, you need to ensure that you’re paying enough funds to meet the minimum requirements of the trading account. Additionally, there are also some requirements before you are able to sign up for a trading account. You should have enough funds on hand to adhere to the requirements of the platform. Even if you are using leverage, your account needs to have certain funds. 

Furthermore, the minimum deposit on the platform is determined by the method of payment you are using. Know more about the available payment methods on deriv.com.

Payment methods and fees

You can withdraw or deposit funds on deriv.com using various payment platforms. 

  • E-Wallets

The positive part about reading on deriv.com is that you can use flexible payment methods. E-wallets are accessible to all, and deriv.com allows the same to traders. Various e-wallet options available include PerfectMoney, Jeton Wallet, AirTm, Fasapay, Webmoney, and more. 

Whether you are depositing or withdrawing money using these options, the process is approved quickly. The minimum requirement for deposit and withdrawal through e-wallets is 5 of the base currency. Shopping for currency is also easy through online platforms. 

  • Credit and Debit Card 

You can also instantly withdraw or deposit using credit or debit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. The minimum amount with credit cards is 10 AUD/EUR/GBP. 

  • Bank Wire Transfer

You can also transfer funds through Bank wire with the minimum deposit or withdrawal of 5 of the base currency. 

  • Cryptocurrency 

You may fund your account with Tether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Or Ethereum if you are using cryptocurrency. Fast today using cryptocurrencies does not cost any minimum deposit or withdrawal amount. The process is completed in three blockchain verifications.

  • Payment Agents

You may also transact with the help of payment agents with

  • Deriv Peer to Peer

Deriv peer-to-peer has the least minimum deposit/withdrawal of 1 of the base currency. You can know more about this payment method on Deriv. 

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(RIsk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Options available on Deriv

Deriv provides you to trade the following options. 

  1. Digital options

These let you predict the market’s movement from to prospective outcomes and get a fixed payout if the market moves in your favor. 

  1. Lookbacks

Through this option, you can earn a payout based on the highest or lowest earned by the market during the contract duration. 

  1. Call/ Put Spreads

These allow you to earn within a fixed amount based on the exit spot positions that are related to two fixed barriers. 

Reasons to trade options on Deriv

There are certain benefits of trading options on Deriv that include: 

  • Fixed and Predictable Payout

While trading options, you have a clear idea of possible profit or loss before you buy the contract. If your prediction is correct, you’ll know how much your payout will be. 

  • Trade All Favorite Markets

You can trade various famous markets and additional property synthetic indices. Moreover, they are available 24/7, so you can trade anywhere and anyhow you want. 

  • Quick Access

Deriv allows you to quickly open an account and begin trading in a few moments. 

  • Easy Interface and Powerful Chart Widgets

Get the opportunity to trade on a safe, user-friendly, and innovative platform using powerful chart technology. 

  • Various Trading Options with Very Low Capital Requirements

You can start trading with flexible trading types and need only 5USD to bring trading. Custom trades are available to match your strategy. 

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(RIsk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Steps to withdraw payout 

You can withdraw your payout money easily at Deriv.com. It provides an easy-to-use interface that is developed, keeping users’ convenience in mind. You can enjoy the easy withdrawal process at Deriv whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. 

Look at the steps to withdraw your payouts below. 

  • Login to your deriv.com amount and right-click on the “Cashier” option. 
  • The page opening will show a withdrawal option. Click on it, and you’ll get an email for verification. It is to verify that you have put up a withdrawal request. 
  • Open the link you have received in the email. You’ll reach the website again. 
  • On the cashier page, enter the amount you wish to transact from the Deriv account. 
  • Choose the withdrawal options and enter your card credentials. 
  • You will receive confirmation that your request has been received. 
  • After completion, you will again receive an email mentioning that your request has been successfully completed.
  • Finally, the amount will reflect on the card you have chosen. 


  • Choose complicated passwords for anything on Deriv.com, be it your email or e-wallets. 
  • Use a secure browser like Chrome to browse Deriv.com. 
  • Protect your login information and do not share your credentials with anyone.
  • Install software like firewalls or antivirus to protect the security of your system. There shouldn’t be any risk to your Deriv account. 

About Deriv.com

One of the brokerage platforms where anybody can trade with no hidden fees and risks is Deriv.com. You can enjoy minimal risk on investment and get easy access to various platforms and markets for trading. Deriv.com also allows traders and investors to easily sign up for an account without requiring any credit cards. There are many deposit and withdrawal methods along with small minimum amounts. So you can start trading on this easy platform right away and satisfy your financial goals. 

This platform has made trading more accessible and less time-consuming. You can start trading online even if you are a beginner and use smartphones or desktops to sign up for an account. Enjoy easy deposit methods while making profits. 

Deriv.com trading platforms
Deriv.com trading platforms

You can start with a demo account and trade with virtual funds to understand trading from scratch. So even if you are a beginner, deriv.com has made trading easier for you. 

Individuals prefer brokerage services to trade on the financial markets and deposit their stocks with the aim of getting short- and long-term financial objectives. Because there are so many options, choosing a broker might be challenging. While the rivalry has forced many brokerage platforms to provide zero-fee services for regularly traded assets, investors comparing multiple platforms will notice significant disparities in accessibility, trading technology, profile features, and other aspects. 

Conclusion on the Deriv.com trading fees:

The cost to trade on deriv.com is minimal. So you can start trading even with minimal funds on whatever market you wish. Deposit fee as little as 5 USD to start trading at this broker trading platform. There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals, no inactivity fee. The only fees which can apply to you are when trading forex on Deriv and CFDs with a minimum spread from 0.5 pips.

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(RIsk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions about the fees on Deriv.com

Are there any hidden fees on Deriv.com?

No! There are no hidden costs on Deriv.com. You only pay the usual trading fees when you choose a real money account. The demo account is still free of charge.

Is Deriv.com free?

The Deriv trading platform can be used completely free of charge with a demo account. If you decide to open a real money account, trading will obviously cost you money. The minimum deposit starts at $5 USD, but varies depending on the deposit method.

Are there costs for overnight positions on Deriv.com?

Yes, overnight fees (swap fees) are charged at Deriv.com. They are relatively low and can be calculated, for example, with the free Swap Calculator from Deriv.

What are the deposit and withdrawal fees on Deriv.com?

The deposit fee is at $5 and withdrawals are usually free of charge, depending on the chosen method. Exchange rate fees may apply for deposits/withdrawals in different currencies.