Expert Option affiliate program review – How to earn money with clients

Have you ever heard of a program that gives you money for bringing other traders? Would it not be great to earn additional profits other than the already winning ones?

Expert Option referral program

An affiliate program is just the way to do so. It is nowadays becoming more prevalent with many binary options brokers. They offer a choice to bring in more traders and earn a commission. Those traders aware of the platform and trust it can recommend it to their known ones and get a mutual benefit. How amazing is that! Let’s learn everything about the Expert Option affiliate program.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What does the affiliate program signify?

An affiliate program is a technique employed by many brokers to get new customers. It is a marketing method that prompts existing traders to bring in new customers. As the name suggests, the trader affiliates with the broker in an affiliate program. So along with the trading features, an interested trader can become a partner of the broker’s business.

Expert Option referral bonus

The main purpose of any trading broker is to increase the revenue through the broker’s fees and trading commissions. But, after a certain point, the existing traders may not be able to contribute to increasing the revenue further. So, to do that, a broker will seek more traders to join it. However, if a broker cannot attract as many customers as required, the affiliate program will help.

Expert Option referral bonus

Through the affiliate program, the existing traders get a chance to have an added income. This program allows the trader to refer the broker to their network of other traders. The broker may allow doing so by providing a referral code or a referral link. Some brokers allow the traders to create their referral codes after becoming partners.

referral program

Once the trader becomes a partner, she can refer the link or code to others to join, and if they are joining through their code, they receive a commission. Moreover, when the new traders make a trade, the affiliate traders can receive a commission on their trades. That can range from 60% to 80%, depending on the broker’s policies. 

Earn money quick

When it comes to the earnings of an affiliate trader, she can earn through commissions. However, that commission can vary in its types depending on the broker.

Only a few brokers offer a CPA or rev share system. Others may offer you a one-time commission or trading discounts instead of commissions. However, if you are part of a leading broker’s affiliate program, the chances are that you may receive commissions in the form of a CPA. 

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How does an Expert Option affiliate work?

Expert Option is a broker that offers its customers to become a partner. You can become a partner that can bring in more traders and earn from the commission. The affiliate program of this broker allows you to do so by offering additional promo tools and creatives

Expert Option affiliate program

An affiliate program is a way to provide benefits to both the trader and the broker in a single way. Many times, brokers struggle to find more customers. So, the existing customers get an opportunity to earn additional to their trades with the affiliate program. However, you may not find such an open approach with every broker, as some tend to maintain a distance from their clients. But Expert Option is one such broker that believes in cooperative growth. That is why it offers an affiliate program that enables the trader and himself to grow together.

Expert Option affiliate program

Expert Option is a broker that offers premium services to its traders, and becoming an affiliate partner is just a step forward in your trading journey.

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The affiliate program works simply. We can understand its functioning with the below-mentioned easy stages:

  • The existing trader needs to enter her account (you have to do the Expert Option registration before) and select the become partner option. Once it is taken care of, the trader can create an account in the affiliate program.
  • After fulfilling a few requirements, the trader joins the program and becomes an official member. 
  • Once the trader is deemed a partner, she can send her partner a link to other traders. Other traders or new enthusiasts may join using these links, which will add to the broker’s customer base.
  • Further, the affiliate partner receives the commission in revenue shares or CPA. The partner can then withdraw these additional profits through the withdrawal method of her choice. The platform offers more than 10 Expert Option withdrawal methods for an easy and convenient withdrawal of funds.
  • Its affiliate program also differs from others in providing you the opportunity to earn a huge commission on every trade. With each referral client’s trade, you receive a commission of 80%. Also, Expert Option offers its commission through CPA or Revshares, which can go up to $1000.
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What are CPA and Revshare?

When you are a partner with Expert Option, your commission comes in either CPA or Revshares, as mentioned before. So let us understand what these types of commission plans mean exactly.

CPA signifies cost per action. That means it is a cost that the broker provides for a particular action. The action could be anything. It could be referring their links to the trader or the new trader clicking the link to join. Some brokers pay the CPA only if the referral client opens an account and actively trades. 

Others may require the new clients to make deposits for the partners to avail of the CPA model commission. CPA may be fixed up to a certain amount, depending on the broker policy.

The other type of commission plan is the Revenue sharing model. We can say that it is preferable as it requires fewer conditions. In simple terms, it is calculated based on the revenue generated by the referral clients. So the more the revenue, the larger the commission.

With Expert Option, a partner can avail the commission in both forms. However, there are certain conditions on which the commission shall depend. While registering, traders can find the conditions on their terms and conditions page.

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Payment methods

The main concern for any new partner will be whether the payment will be fast or not. However, Expert Option is a broker that offers a fast commission payment to all its affiliate program members. 

You do not have to worry about a payment delay if you are new to it. This broker has a strict policy that guarantees a timely payment. Moreover, it differs from other brokers’ affiliate programs in offering the payment twice a month

Money payout

When we look at the payment methods, Expert Option does not stay behind in offering convenience.

You can receive your deserving commission through 10+ methods. So, depending on your convenience, you can make the payment request using your chosen method. Its payment methods include the following:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Paxum
  • UnionPay
  • Fasapay
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex Money
  • QIWI Wallet
  • Wire Transfer
  • EO Finance
Expert Option payment methods

In addition to the range of choices in withdrawal methods, Expert Option also offers additional profits with selected methods, especially EO Finance and PerfectMoney. Withdrawals through these methods will add a profit of 1.5% and 2.1%, respectively. Expert Option continuously strives to add on more methods for a better withdrawal experience for the partners. As a result, it recently introduced Advcash into its withdrawal methods list.

The official logo of AdvCash

A new partner must also note that this broker requires you to withdraw a minimum of $10 regardless of the payment method. 

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Features of Expert Option affiliate program

  • ExpertOption affiliates can enjoy the best commission plans and receive up to 80% Revshare and $1000 CPA.
  • The commission plans are available on a lifetime basis.
  • The Expert Option partners can gain through webmaster commission. If they refer a web admin, they can permanently receive a share of their profits.
  • Additional profits are offered for certain withdrawal methods.
  • A vast array of promo tools and materials are available.
  • Expert Option offers timely payments without any delay that are organized fortnightly.
Expert Option affiliate program

How to become an affiliate member?

To become an affiliate partner with Expert Option, a trader need not follow complicated steps. 

  1. Firstly, visit this broker’s official website and locate the option showing ‘Become a Partner.’ Once you click on that, a new page shall appear for filling.
  1. The page shall ask for your email id. After that, fill in the password and view the terms and conditions.
  1. The terms and conditions will show all the agreement details, including the commission payment, its conditions, and the partner’s responsibilities.
  1. Once you thoroughly read the conditions, accept the terms and click on the register button.
  1. You have now successfully opened an affiliate program account.
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Does Expert Option provide support to the affiliates?

The affiliate partners of the platform will have 24/7 Expert Option support for any issues regarding their affiliate trading. It provides expert affiliate managers and a marketing team that can guide you in the process. You can contact them and resolve any issues directly through email.

Expert Option affiliate support


The Expert Option affiliate program allows traders to add to their earnings by bringing in more traders. They can get a reasonable commission by referring their links after becoming a partner.


This program aims to build a better trader-broker relationship and promote mutual benefit.  

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

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