Expert Option support: How to contact the broker

Fast customer support is what a new trader often needs when she joins a broker. It is a mark of reliable customer-oriented service. That is why brokers that do not take their customer support seriously would lose them quicker than they can imagine. It is how a client can seek to connect with the broker. So a smart broker would use this opportunity to provide multiple ways of contacting and make it easier for the clients. It can sometimes become the change that gets them additional customers. 

expert option customer service

We will be examining all there is to know about Expert Option support here. We will find answers to where Expert Option comes from? How to contact it, and the quickest way to contact it.

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Expert Option contact and support

Let’s begin with where is Expert Option based? Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu Expert Option is a remarkable broker with an attractive service portfolio.

It even has its app among the most downloaded ones in the Android app store. That shows the increasing popularity of this broker among the traders. 

Expert Option mobile app

So, it becomes important for it to take care of customer support and give clients easy ways to contact. It is a genuine expectation from a broker like Expert Option. That is mainly because of its high-end features. It excels in all other parameters of being an ideal trading broker, so how can it lag in providing the best customer support. 

Expert Option is a broker that offers its services through multiple platforms on various devices. It also offers numerous ways for deposits, withdrawals, etc. So any Expert Option trader would also expect multiple ways to contact this broker. That is precisely what it does by offering more than one way to connect with it. We can find all about the ways to contact this broker in subsequent topics.

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How does Expert Option offer customer support?

You can come in contact with Expert Option in various ways. It provides continuous support, which is available throughout the year and 24/7


It offers a list of other convenient ways and common customer support methods. So, let us discuss them one by one.

#1 Customer support through online live chat

There might be hardly any other way as convenient as the online live chat. You can contact Expert Option with its user-friendly online live chat in seconds. Accessing it is not difficult either, as the option will be visible on the top left of the home page itself. Once you click on the online chat icon, a box will appear on the screen. You can immediately connect with an official from the support team, who will reply to all your questions in a live time frame. 

Expert Option live chat

That means you don’t need to wait for the reply, and the support member will resolve the issues then and there. It might take 2 minutes to set up the live chat, and a chatbot might also be present to guide your conversation. Also, while chatting, you can choose the language you are comfortable in. However, you must note that the live chat does not allow you to share personal information and attach files.

Expert Option live chat

#2 Assistance through email

Email assistance is probably one of the most common ways to contact a broker. That is why Expert Option offers the chance to contact through email. You can find their official email address on their main webpage and send your query directly through the mail. Once you send the mail, you won’t need to wait for weeks to get a reply as Expert Option will connect back within 24 hours

Expert Option email

#3 Contact through phone

The next option for a trader to contact the Expert Option group directly is phone. You can call on the number that is shown on the official website. It also provides the facility to select different languages depending on the country. However, you must remember that there can be charges according to the tariffs of different cities.

Expert Option phone

#4 Through social media networks

This broker is present on various social media platforms. So, you can ask simple questions on its social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, if you want technical queries answered, it is better to contact through other methods.

Social Media

#5 Contact by contact form

In addition to all the common methods, Expert Option also offers a unique contact form to come in contact with. 

Expert Option contact form

It will ask you to fill in your details, including the email and full name in the form. Once you do that, you also need to fill in the text message below. Like the live chat, you can also not attach any files in the form here. 

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#6 Mail to Expert Option headquarters 

There may come incidences where the ways mentioned above to contact the broker do not satisfy your needs. You might still have a grievance. If you feel so, you can reach out to the headquarters directly for the company’s expert assistance. You can send a physical mail or an inland letter to the official address of the Expert Option headquarters in Port Vila. Just make sure to mention the P.O box number carefully.


What is the quickest way to reach Expert Option?

The quickest and easiest way is through live chat. It is the most convenient and hassle-free method. It just requires a click on the chat icon for you to begin a chat with the support official.

How fast does Expert Option reply?

You can expect an immediate response from the live chat, while the email can get a response within 24 hours. However, other methods can take longer. 

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Conclusion: Expert Option support

Expert Option is a broker that offers multiple ways to connect. That makes it a reliable and customer-oriented service provider. Though different methods might take different time duration to provide a reply, the live chat method is best suited for immediate response. You can clear any trading query with it and enjoy a trouble-free experience.

Faster customer support means your issues will be taken seriously and solved immediately. Therefore, you won’t have any unnecessary delays in your trading. 


So, it does not matter whether you can enjoy the best services or not unless the broker provides an easy way to get in touch with it

More and more brokers are now realizing it and are trying to provide continuous customer support in various ways that can be convenient for the clients. Expert Option is one of those binary options brokers with numerous ways to stay in touch and get clarifications.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

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