The 6 best Expert Option strategies for winning trades

Expert Options strategies

Online trading makes your life easier, and using a simple and obvious technique enriches it.

Here, we’ll go over the best strategies on Expert Option that any beginner should know, as well as more advanced high-risk methods that can help you make a lot of money.

It will allow you to trade without learning a lot of information and let you start developing your own profitable approach. Read further for the best Expert Option strategies!

These are the best trading strategies for Exper Option:

  1. Candlestick Strategy – Perfect for exact entries
  2. Price Action Strategy – Good for movement analysis
  3. Scalping Strategy – Best for short-term trading
  4. Momentum / Swing Strategy – Best for long-term trading
  5. Following the Trends Strategy – Easy to understand
  6. Using trading Strategies with indicators – Can combined with other strategies
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

1. Candlestick Strategy

Candlesticks Expert Option

Most traders use candlestick charts to determine the market position of the asset. All advanced traders and even beginners use the candlestick strategy to assess the market’s mood. 

Once you become aware of the same, it gets easier to judge the price movements for the future. Many traders use this Expert Option strategy when the market is highly volatile and fast-moving. It lets you determine the changes taking place in the binary options market. 

Many advanced traders will recommend using the candlestick strategy because it offers them complete information. By increasing the candlestick’s chart frame, you will be able to cover a broader view of the market. Spotting the resistance and support levels are crucial to planning and placing any trade. Candlestick strategy will be a perfect pick to help you do the same. 

Reversal candlestick pattern
See reversal Candlestick Patterns on support and resistance areas – There you can place your trades


  • Available for any market
  • Can be used in any timeframe (60-seconds, 5-minutes or longer)
  • High Hit-rate


  • Experience on candlestick patterns needed

2. Price Action Strategy

If you seek a reliable and simple method to understand the market for your trades, you can proceed with the price action strategies. This trading strategy can help you arrive at the most accurate and strong trading decision

This strategy lets you understand the degree of changes in the market with the help of patterns such as triangles, head and shoulders, flags, and Expert Option indicators. The best part about the price action strategy is that you can check the price changes within a range of time. For example, you can use this strategy for your 1-minute trades or 5-minute. 

Price action strategy will also help you detect the continuation of trends and will also tell you about the trend reversals. It is one of the Expert Option strategies to help you reap high profits by making adept trading decisions based on a well-grounded technical analysis. 

Long trades with Price Action and Expert Option
Here you see a strong price action movement – You can place your long trades there where the price gets supported in the trend.


  • Interpret market movements in a simple way
  • Multiple methods available
  • Works in any market and timeframe


  • For advanced traders
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

3. Scalping Strategy

It is another Expert Option strategy that is similar to the price action strategy. However, the duration for which the scalping strategy is used is shorter than the price action strategy. 

It does not mean that this trading strategy will not help you reap the desired fruit. On the contrary, the scalping trading strategy is perfect for your 5-minute or 60-second trades as it will help you determine the performance of the market within the next few minutes. 

To make trades successful, a trader should know the market’s movement direction. If he predicts it correctly, the traders will fetch his profits. Using this Expert Option strategy will help you do just that. 

Scalping strategy on Expert Option
Use the 1-minute chart for scalping on Expert Option


  • Multiple trades per day possible
  • Fast trading
  • High risk rewards


  • You will need a strong mind and focus
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

4. Momentum / Swing Strategy

Another Expert Option trading strategy you can use is the momentum or swing strategy. Since your trade expires within a fixed time period, it is crucial to determine the forces that can change an asset’s market price

If you have used this Expert Option strategy, you must have witnessed that it gets balanced with the opposite direction’s swing if the momentum becomes very distant. 

This trading strategy is beneficial in calculating the force based on the number of people trading. You can combine this Expert Option strategy with trading indicators available on the online trading platform. You can use this trading strategy with the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator

Strong momentum in the charts
Here you see strong momentum appearing in the chart – You can enter multiple trades in the momentum direction


  • You can combine it with many indicators
  • Multiple winning trades in a row
  • Easy to spot


  • Not many trading setups per day
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

5. Following the trends strategy

No trading strategy can defeat the benefits of researching and following the trends. If you wish to ace your trades on Expert Option, following trends is something you should not give up any time.

One of the best Expert Options strategies is to follow the market trends. You will be able to determine the market trend once sufficient momentum establishes in the market.  

Trade the Trend with Expert Option
Spot a trend and enter multiple trades into the trend direction


  • Simple to use
  • Multiple trades in a row are possible
  • High hit-rates
  • For beginners


  • Not available in range markets
  • Problematic when the trend stops
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

6. Using trading strategies with indicators

Another thing that can help you win your trades is combing your trading strategies and indicators. A trading strategy is no good without the use of trading indicators. Your technical analysis shall stay incomplete without using the trading indicators. 

Expert Option offers you various trading indicators which you can use to generate high profits. Among these indicators, the most common ones are:

  • Moving Averages
  • Alligator
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Bollinger Bands

It is significant to determine the resistance and support levels if you want to win your trades. Therefore, a trader should make sure to use these trading indicators with the trading strategies to get the best out of your trades. 

Using trading indicator strategies for Expert Option
Combine different indicators for your strategy on Expert Option


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Multiple methods for combinations


  • False signals due lagging indicators
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How do you successfully trade on Expert Options?

Distinct fields have different paths to success. Don’t try to replicate how people achieve in other professions in binary trading on Expert Option. This only serves to push you further away from your target and make it more challenging to locate it. 

Don’t rush into going in the wrong route and becoming lost for the rest of your life trying to find your way to success. Simply sit down and clearly state what is required, and then take action.

Investing in foreign exchange is a battle between you and yourself. The market creates a lot of temptation by offering you hazy prospects. It would be best if you resist your temptation, wait for an opportunity to present itself, and then act to profit.

#1 The psychology of trading

No one can help you with trading psychology except yourself. You must have personal emotional management experiences and draw on them.

It is feasible to lose money a few times before learning to avoid losing money in the future. If you’re consistently losing money and can’t seem to come up with a solution, resigning is the best alternative.

To keep the most dangerous aspect of trading, emotion, at bay, we recommend sticking to the principles you’ve established. Don’t overindulge yourself to the point that you end up with a loss on your investment.

You will undoubtedly take exams with a 1 vs. 10 or 1 versus 100 ratio at some point in your life.  Though, in the Forex market, you don’t have to beat anyone because the only person you have to beat is yourself.

Instead, you, yourself, and the market are engaged in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

#2 Test the trading styles for better results

In trading, there is a psychological trap called the bonus.

Can you see the phrase “Bonus” carefully positioned next to the “Deposit” button when you top up? It’s the one with the most appealing color and texture that you should click on.

You will be bound by the following if you choose to obtain further bonuses: When there is inadequate trading volume, you cannot withdraw the bonus amount, but “you can trade with that amount.”

expert option trading

#3 Don’t fall for the speed trap

Trading speed is a psychological trap.

If you’re new to Expert Option and looking for a quick buck, you’ll quickly fall into this trap. It’s now or never. The rapid rate of becoming wealthy will reaffirm the daring and position of novices who have not yet specified an investment. 

As a result, you can quickly locate and place an order with the shortest expiration time using the Expert Option trading tool (only 60 seconds).

Try out the trading system you believe will help you succeed.

Whatever trading method you use, you should always test it on the market you wish to use it on. An extended period of market testing is required to develop an effective trading system. But you’ll win a well-deserved prize for it.

#4 Stick to a few not many strategies

A successful trading strategy will assure you that your long-term outcomes will be more favorable and profitable. Successful traders understand that a series of low-risk, lucrative trades is preferable to a single high-return, high-risk trade.

Don’t get too caught up in too many trading methods. Concentrate on a single trading system that you can trust, comprehend, and apply effectively. Then, to save money, open a bank account for yourself right now!

Defeat yourself, make money, and be successful in Expert Option. It appears to be as straightforward as hanging around. However, the success rate is stated as follows: out of 100 persons, 90 have failed, and just 10 have made a profit, or even 5 people have won when 95 have lost. This is a frightening statistic for newcomers to the market.

But don’t worry: Expert Option has a feature that allows you to test your tactics. On a demo account, traders will not take any financial risks. In addition, we provide assessments of the top trading methods regularly.

#5 Have self-control

Options traders must have discipline in order to be successful. Extensive research, spotting opportunities, establishing the correct trade, formulating and sticking to a strategy, establishing goals, and establishing an exit strategy are all part of the discipline.

Following the herd is a basic example of departing from the discipline. Never take someone’s words seriously without conducting your study. You can’t ignore your homework and blame your failures on the herd. Instead, to be a good options strategy, you must design a different trading strategy that works.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#6 Wait patiently

All option traders have one attribute in common: patience. Rather than thriving to establish a big profit on every market movement, patient investors are willing to wait for the market to present the proper chance. 

Traders are frequently seen sitting still and observing the market, looking for the ideal moment to initiate or quit a trade. Amateur traders, on the other hand, are not in the same boat. They are impatient, unable to manage their emotions and make rapid decisions about which trades to enter and exit.

#7 Take an active role in educating yourself

According to conventional belief, up to 90% of options traders will lose money. What distinguishes successful traders from regular traders is their ability to learn from their losses and use what they’ve learned in their trading methods. 

Elite traders practice and practice some more until they master the lessons of the trade, comprehend the economics of the market, and observe market activity in real-time.

#8 Analyze the results

expert option trade journal

Adding up the gain or loss at the end of each trading day is secondary to understanding why and how. Please note your findings in your trade notebook so you may refer back to them later. Always keep in mind that there will be lost trades. What you desire is a long-term winning trading strategy.

#9 Keep track of everything

The majority of successful options traders keep meticulous records of their transactions. Maintaining accurate trade records is a must-have habit that will save you money in the long run.

Your trade records’ history also contains a plethora of information that might assist you in boosting your chances of success.

Conclusion: Strategies to trade on Expert Option

Successful practice trading does not imply that you will have the same level of success when trading for real money. Emotions enter the picture at this point. Successful practice trading instills trust in the trader’s strategy if the system produces favorable outcomes in a controlled setting.

It’s less vital to pick a method than to develop enough expertise to make trades without second-guessing or doubting yourself. The importance of self-assurance cannot be overstated.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

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