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IQ Option Withdrawal: How to Withdraw Money and Profits

Minimum withdrawal$2
Payment methods PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto, Giropay
Withdrawal fees$0

All it takes are just a few steps to withdraw your money on IQ Option: a verified account of the trader, more than $2 on your balance, and lastly, a bank card or an e-wallet to receive the money or profit. 

The following read acquaints one with the nitty-gritty of the IQ Option withdrawal procedure and many more relevant details.

Withdrawal of funds is quick, well-structured, and accessible. The services range from world tech giants to local e-wallets.

Also, traders can withdraw money for free once every month. This procedure might take the time up to three days at maximum. Help and Support options are available round the clock to avoid any complications. Crediting period may vary with the payment option selected by the respective user and the payment method chosen.

IQ Option withdrawal methods available:

The broker provides services worldwide; traders have their own choice and preference to choose a popular payment method in their region. 

Have a look at the different withdrawal methods on IQ Option below:

  • Credit and Debit cards options are available for transactions. Presently, accepting from all banks. 
  • One of the leading methods to withdraw your earned money is through an e-wallet. Third-party providers and sometimes payment gateway provides paid services in the e-wallet systems. With the popular ones like Skrill, Neteller you’re less likely to encounter problems.
  • IQ Options has the AstroPay feature, which allows the traders from nations with no bank transfer option to complete the money withdrawal (mostly in Asian countries).
  • Cryptocurrencies are available

(Risk Warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Verification for withdrawal

To withdrawal from your trading account, it’s sufficient to have your mobile number and email verified almost.

Furthermore, you may have to finish the verification process to begin the cash withdrawal. This suggests confirming your ID and payment method.

ID verification through IQ Option

The broker requests the traders’ IDs to ensure they are trading and not lurking behind others’ identities while on the platform. You may provide your passport, ID, or driver’s license. It must be essentially accurate and non-expired. 

Document scanned must be visible, with no damages, no blurs, cropping or clipping, watermarks tipped, or other drawings. It must indicate your full name (as indicated on the card), photograph, card number, date of birth, expiry date on the card, and your signature.

Upload your ID and press verification on the home page. Confirm your user mobile number and email. Click on proof of identity and upload the selected documents.

Select the issuing country and the ID type of current account, upload your scan, and press Complete. After which, wait patiently as your documents are verified with the credentials. 

Bank Card verification

Upload a visible photograph of your bank card to prove your ownership. You must hide sensitive data like CVV and at least six digits’ code of your card number. The moderation procedure takes up to 3 business days before you may make your first withdrawal.

Withdrawal Procedures:

#1 Open the withdrawal page on your browser. Primarily, there are two ways to initialize withdrawal: the homepage and tradersroom. Click on Withdraw Funds and select the payment method with which you would like to proceed.

#2 You must choose the Real account. Click on the picture of the user from the tradersroom. After which, you should select Withdraw Funds and decide the withdrawal method with which you may proceed. Input the withdrawal amount. Ensure that the maximum withdrawal limit can be as high as $1,000,000. The payment system may have other possible limitations for transactions.

(Risk Warning: Your capital can be at risk)

#1 How to withdraw into Visa/Mastercard

To receive your money in your VISA/MasterCard, ensure the following key points:

  • Apply through the same card while making a deposit speaking of which, bank card withdrawal at IQ Option is reflected as a refund. 
  • Ensure that the withdrawal amount is less than the total deposited amount made in the last ninety days. In other words, your withdrawal amount should be equal to or less. 

For instance, if you have deposited $500 and wish to cash out the entire money after, let’s say, 100 days. Although withdrawal cannot be successful through a Bankcard, e-wallet or wire transfer options are considered the best alternatives. Additionally, you may use an e-wallet to avoid the $50 processing fee.

#2 How to withdraw to an E-Wallet

Often considered as the fastest and rational way of payment, e-wallets provide a range of options to make payments.

The widely used options like Skrill, Neteller are the most popular, intuitive, and handy. You need a verified account to restore your funds from your account.

One might consider the local options by regions like PayTm in India, mPesa for African countries, GrabPay for Malaysia, and other popular ones.

#3 How to withdraw Via Bank Transfer

Wire transfer is the last resort for most trader’s withdrawal methods available at IQ Option. It takes more time to process such requests: almost a week long. A wire transfer can be the only way open for the user when the transaction is made in the same mode.

There are no commissions for bank transfers. Adequately, you might have to pay a nominal fee determined by the corresponding bank.

How much time does the IQ Option withdrawal consume?

IQ Option proceeds through your requests immediately and sends the required data to the payment system provider on the same day. 

Through Bank Card, the procedure takes just a few seconds.

How to check Your withdrawal status

You can actively viewly your request status in the Withdrawal section at any time. Take note that all the withdrawals can be monitored and often reviewed in transaction history at IQ Options.

Usually, there are four outputs available, requested, hold, funds sentand canceled. Funds would be open to the user once the funds sent status reflects on the page. This indicates that the funds have been processed to the user’s account.

IQ Option limitations

A few limitations of the IQ Option to make a withdrawal of money and profits are as follows:

  • The IQ Option withdrawal fee of two percent is applied actively on consecutive withdrawals. However, this cannot be more than 25USD or in equivalent currency.
  • Error in filling applications, technical glitches are some of the common unavoidable problems often encountered. To overcome these, take a detailed review of your requests; also, ensure a stable internet connection. 

The following list indicates the potential cancellation reasons:

#1 One needs a fully verified user account, to begin with, the cash-out. Ensure that your account has completed all verification procedures. The procedure includes email confirmation, phone verification, personal data, and proof of identity.

#2 Your banks might impose certain restrictions like non-verified accounts, internal limits, and no withdrawal options in some instances. Contact the bank and troubleshoot the problems to proceed with your request.

#3 Cross-check your details at least twice before clicking on submit button. Most of the failed transactions are due to invalid credentials entered by the user.

#4 There are issues like a firewall in China, an outdated certificate, or even some settings issue of your browser.

The withdrawal process might take a few days for processing, as well as successful verification. Usually, it takes three business days for withdrawal requests. It takes a little more time before it reflects on your account. In case the process fails, you may need to initialize an investigation on the process request.

IQ Option is unavailable in the United States of America and Canada due to the existing local rules and regulations. There are countries like Japan, Pakistan, Iran, and other middle-east countries where IQ Option are still unlanded.

IQ Option has won the trust and credibility of users across the world with its reliability and quality. To increase the trader base and transactions, the IQ Options hold trading tournaments as a part of this endorsement campaign. The broker offers various FAQs, contact support, and troubleshooting tips to overcome such shortcomings.

If your request fails to be uploaded even after a few days (likely 3-4days), you need to take the issue to IQ Options experts.

Conclusion: Withdrawals are secure

IQ Option is the leading binary options broker in this industry. It offers varied services in more than a hundred countries, including India, and a gamut of deposit and withdrawal options.

It is lucid, fast, and user-friendly. It is hassle-free and provides a demo-trading account to walk you through the process. There are virtually synchronized funds which one may invest in simulated or actual trading. 

In addition to this, the deposits are accurate and quick, with customer support services available at any time. Elegant web design and traders-oriented features seal the deal for multiple users. 

A registered user with a verified account can retrieve their money in a few days using e-wallets, local bank transfers, or even bank cards. Financial products badge risk and loss. So, before diving deep into IQ Options, it is advisable to be abreast with the terms and conditions of the firm to avoid any unfortunate events in the future.

Have an exciting and smooth trading experience!

(Risk Warning: Your capital can be at risk)