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When you use the trade signals wisely, nothing can stop you from knowing the best opportunity to place a bet. The odds are that if a trader is aware of the signals, she can win more trades than others who ignore its importance. Now, a signal is what lets you know the right time to buy or sell and prompts you to decide.

signals on quotex
Signals are available for free on the Quotex platform – Click on the right side to see them.

But, not all traders have the knowledge or awareness about it. That is where the brokers like Quotex offer signals to them. However, with this platform, you can get more by generating your own best trade signals on Quotex.

Here are quick facts about the Quotex signals:

Signal type:Buy or sell
Short-term signals:Yes, from 60 seconds time duration
Long-term signals:Yes: up to 4 hours time duration
Costs:For free on the trading platform
Hit-rate:Up to 60% and more
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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

What are Quotex signals?

It would be a trader’s rookie mistake to underestimate the services of Quotex. Even though it launched into the market in 2019, it has made its mark in the trading domain. This broker is no ordinary broker that has inexperienced employees. The Quotex team comprises professionals with experience of over 10 years. 

Quotex trading signals
Quotex trading signals

But how is it relevant to trading signals, you may wonder? Well, only experienced people will tell you how to use trade signals. Only they know its true value. So, the Quotex experts offer you its integrated signals available for all. Any trader can use these signals to benefit from them. 

With these signals, you can approach a strategy thoughtfully and not impulsively. Moreover, these Quotex signals are very precise as well as innovative.

A user can expect an accuracy of up to 87%, which is far higher than Quotex competitors. These signals help create an effective strategy on your own as well.

But, the Quotex integrated trade signals are only the tip of the iceberg. Quotex does not leave its traders behind in any aspect of trading. You can use more than 400 free trading tools with this binary broker as its trader. Now, the Quotex signals form only a small portion of this vast pool of trading tools.

You can also receive the advantage of trading all the leading assets of the present. It may be anything from stocks to currencies. Also, the latest trend is that cryptos are available for trade with the Quotex platform as well. 

Quotex demo

Therefore, if you aim to become a prolific trader, Quotex is the choice. Not just signals, but it also provides demo cash (see screenshot above) that can go up to $ 10,000. So, for making your first trade, you would not feel worried. You may opt to use this fund through the demo account and learn what trading is first. But if you are confident enough, go for the live trading account and make use of Quotex signals straightaway.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Can you generate trade signals on your own?

Quotex is an innovative platform that is ideal for those who want to invest smartly. Hence, such traders can use its free integrated signals available for all its members.

quotex signal trading

But, if you want to generate a customized trade signal that suits your trading methods, you can do that too. With Quotex, you can generate the best trade signals.

How to generate the best signals on Quotex?

To generate the signals, you need to understand the factors that a signal will depend upon. Consequently, you can incorporate those elements and create your own effective signals.

Focus on fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is an analytical method that helps a trader measure the innate value of a security or trading instrument. Through this method, the user can assess the stocks, currencies, or any other asset of choice in an attempt to measure the inherent value it possesses.

This method covers a broad spectrum of trading essentials that include the study of the economy, industry conditions, etc. You can also estimate the financial strength of any company through a properly conducted fundamental analysis. By focusing on fundamental analysis, you cover everything broadly from earnings, assets and liabilities, expenses, etc.

So, it plays a defining role in generating the signals you wish.

Fundamental analysis, along with other methods such as technical and quantitative analysis, forms the basic aspect of a trading signal. So, regardless of the signals being auto generated through the broker or your own, these three play an inherent role in that.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Using technical analysis

Technical analysis may sound synonymous with fundamental analysis, but it differs in requiring the trader to analyze statistical trends. In the previous method, the trader focussed on various factors such as economy, earnings, liabilities, etc. But, in technical analysis, the best opportunity to trade is identified through the trends that may include price and volume movement. 

quotex bollinger bands

The concept of this method is that a trader need not focus on intrinsic value. Instead, they must focus on the charts and trends that give an indication of what will happen to the asset in the near future. So, when you combine this method with the previous one, creating accurate trade signals becomes achievable.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Not ignoring the quantitative analysis

Many a time, traders neglect the importance of QA, and they fail to create the signals. This method is as important as the previous two. It focuses on mathematical and statistical modeling, which can be crucial in getting accurate signals.

Quantitative analysis can see its application diversely ranging from performance evaluation to a country’s GDP estimate. Since it broadly covers influential factors, it helps generate accurate trade signals.

Incorporating the use of technical indicators

The technical indicators make mathematical calculations based on price, volume, etc. These are significant for those traders who make use of technical analysis. These indicators help the traders to estimate the future. So, we can estimate a price movement’s future position by making use of technical indicators. These indicators are mathematical data-based, so we can rely on them safely.

quotex rsi

These indicators help the analysts in judging both the entry and exit points. So they can be useful in generating your best signals. There are many technical indicators available depending on your broker, some may offer all, and others may offer only a few. Money Flow Index, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index (see screenshot above), etc., are some of the common indicators you can use to generate signals. However, they all fall under two wide categories known as oscillators and overlays.

Combining trade inputs 

In furtherance of what we have already brought before you, you might need to combine certain trade inputs for achieving the signals. These inputs may be technical patterns, moving average cross, volume surge, volatility, etc. If you combine these inputs wisely, you can generate the best trade signals that will suit your purpose. 

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Why are trade signals so significant?

Trade signals are significant for the trader because they serve as a necessary trigger. These signals are what the experts term a trigger for action. Here the action implies the decision to buy or sell at a particular point. Now, trade signals are beneficial in identifying which is the right time to call for a put. The signal will act as a needed stimulus that demands action at that moment. Without such a sign, a trader may simply miss a beautiful chance of winning.

quotex trading signals

But, it can help you only if you have the trading aptitude and the basic understanding of trading elements. Since trade signals are a result of effective fundamental and technical analysis in the first place, you must be thorough in those areas. Otherwise, you can forget to generate your won trades. But, a trade signal can come in an automated form as well. It will make use of algorithms that will guide the platform to conduct the analysis. 

Importance of signaling approach

The signaling approach is nothing more than signal-based trading. A trader utilizes this approach when she takes a decision based on trade signals. This kind of approach is the need of the hour in trading, as people often get impulsive and emotional while making a trade.

Sometimes, a trader may get too excited about the win that she loses the rational decision-making skill. Consequently, she will start losing.

But, once she develops a signaling approach that uses other statistics and data-based techniques and the trade signals, she can enhance the probability of winning multifold.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Who can create the best trade signals?

Creating the trade signals is possible in multiple ways. You can get them in the form of free trade signals from the broker itself or can create your own. The brokers may create the signals through algorithms or may assign third parties for the job. For example, PIA first and Autochartist are two common brands that undertake the task of creating effective signals for many top brokers of the industry.


So, a broker can offer the signals in any way that seems profitable to it. However, such signals need not suffice the quest of traders always. So, even they can generate their own signals using a combination of multiple inputs. Such trade signals are called human-generated signals and require the knowledge of signal aspects such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc.


Generating your own best signal may or may not be difficult, depending on your approach. It may appear an easy task if you have a sound understanding of all the requirements to create a signal. On the contrary, you will need to do deeper research and try again.

However, here we have presented a compilation of various needful elements of a trade signal. Therefore, you can use them to create the best signal on Quotex.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Most asked questions about Quotex signals:

What is a Quotex signal generator?

A Quotex signal generator can be an indicator, tool, signal service, or strategy that generates trading signals for you. Quotex has its own signal generator, and you can see the signals on its platform.

Are Quotex signals for free?

Yes, Quotex signals are for free on the trading platform. Just register for a live-trading account, and you can receive trading signals.

Are Quotes signals a scam or not?

Quotex signals are not a scam. They are generated by using algorithms together with indicators. You receive clear instructions to trade on the platform. The hit-rate is above 60%.

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