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Videforex minimum deposit – Payment methods explained

Minimum deposit$250
Payment methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Deposit fees$0

The VideForex trading platform appears innately friendly, as it shares its characteristics with other identical web properties that deliver binary options services through numerous brand names. While it may be frightening at first, seemingly due to the contradicting information given on the website.

As you all know, VideForex is a trusted Forex and CFD vendor because of its popularity. You also have binary options trading with the help of its different sister companies. In addition, VideForex has extremely powerful company fundamentals, which assure that traders can rely on the company for the long term.

Payment Procedures

Once the client’s trading account is opened, it should be funded within three months in the percentage, which is not less than defined intervals for the kind of account (minimum primary deposit).

If the above account balance existed for more than 90 days, the company could close the account with a balance of less than 1 percent because the company has this privilege. The client can withdraw the funds from his trading account at the percentage not used to cover the margin only if it is not more than the existing balance.

The client can place an order of withdrawal of finance with the help of using the Company website’s interface. If any third party enters the client’s information and withdrawal orders, the company is not liable for that. Once an order is attained, the withdrawal percentage will be reduced from the trading account of customers.

In rare cases, the third parties are also connected in the transfer of funds; the fund transfer process might take up to five banking days after obtaining a customer’s order.

The company’s protection service also enjoys the freedom to hold the order of fund transfer up to 10 banking days.

The client will be provided with the company’s banking information to transmit funds to his trading account.

The client should use the company’s recent banking or electronic wallet items for the fund transfer, which can be obtained only from the company’s website and helpful during the payment period. 

The client approves to pay Deposit/withdrawal fees, i.e., to pay any banking or cash transfer expenses correlated with any transfer, concession, or movement of funds or assets on behalf of the client.

When the trading account balance of the customer is funded with the help of using online payment policies, the client should request withdrawal only to the identical payment system which they have utilized to fund his trading account in a parallel currency. 

When the trading account balance of the customers is funded with the help of using direct bank transfer, funds will be placed within one working day. The minimum funding proportion is $5000. 

Clients who finance their account utilizing direct bank transfer may request withdrawal just to the account from which the expense was done. However, an upfront bank transfer expense of 50 USD will be pertained (for worldwide bank transfer).

Suppose the detailed objective is to transfer customer funds from one payment network to another payment network. In such cases, the company has the privilege to hold or reject the withdrawal request.

Account balance allocation utilizing a third-person credit card is restricted.

When the allotment is done using Visa/Mastercard, withdrawals can be obtained with the help of a bank transfer or through a particularly issued Master card, which is later mailed to the client.

Tools Of Payment

If you are using VideForex.com from the Europe, US, UK, or anywhere else, you can easily deposit and withdraw the money.

Videforex has now adopted the world of digital money; below are some of the following methods which you can use now to deposit and withdraw money:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit cards 
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Altcoins
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money

This should put all consumers at comfort, understanding their funds are effortlessly available.


The best online trading companies have only one objective to beat a ton of boxes, regardless of whether you are forex day trading or inquisitive in CFDs and binary options.

Customer reviews of VideForex.com disclose there are several advantages to this broker:

  • Accessibility – They promote day trading for international consumers, eliminating the USA.
  • Low minimum trade size – It has a very low minimum trade size; you would obtain it with only $1. This is valuable and beneficial for newcomers and for those who have restricted start-up capital.
  • Funding methods – Videforex enables payment through various expense types, from credit cards to cryptocurrencies.
  • Customer support – Customer assistance at VideForex is quick and credible. Minimal brokers provide the 24/7 multi-linguistic video assistance organized on their policy. 

In day trading, every second counts, so retaining any barriers or questions fixed and replied to can verify crucially efficiently.

  • Non-stop trading – Now, you can trade 24/7. This non-stop trading option is excellent and favorable for active traders who want to fit their trading around other responsibilities.
  • Withdrawal speed – If you do trade with the help of using Videforex, you would be able to purify your withdrawals within an hour.


Despite the several advantages, there remain distinct drawbacks to day trading with VideForex.com:

  • Web-based limitations – Many nice online day trading brokers provide various available trading outlets, but VideForex.com only provides you their web-based outlet. 

This simply implies that all trades should be placed with the help of their website. Some of the dealers would consider this system convenient.

Limited expansions – Just because of web-based limitations, you would be able to utilize distinct systems, such as forex specialist consultants. It may also imply other pointers and devices will not be similar. US customers are also not approved.


To fund a trading account at Videforex, customers can do the required process with the help of bank transfer, by using an e-wallet or with the help of following primary debit cards or credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Cash deposits are precisely restricted.

Videforex charges no fees or commissions to the customer to deposit with the help of using any authorized deposit technique.

Please also notice that some card issuers may indict a fee or commission to the customers to deposit into your Videforex account. Therefore, please read the terms and conditions of your card very carefully, or phone your issuer immediately.

In case your bank charges any type of fees or commission. These fees or commissions charged by the bank or issuer must be argued immediately with them, as Videforex has never provided any kind of information regarding fees or commissions.

Once the deposit order through bank transfer is approved, it would take Vide forex up to 3-4 working days in the request procedure and analyze the funds. 

A deposit order with the help of a credit card, debit card, or through the e-wallets into your trading account will be processed within 3 hours. However, from time to time, allocating banks may spot safety slabs on cards; customers may be required to phone their bank to have these slabs eliminated.

The vendor can assess self-deposit maxima by reaching the Videforex support committee via email payments@Videforex.com.

Contact & Customer Support

One of the tremendous selling points in this VideForex.com survey is their recent live video conversation aspect. You can enter this outline immediately from their homepage, and this should afford traders stability of mind.

Dealers would be available 24/7 to remedy any difficulties with the help of a public or private live video connection. Thus, this criterion of support service is much elevated than the industry standard. 

If you want to call any corporation that owns the Forex and binary options broker, they are known for Vide Projects Ltd. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Finance Your Trading Account?

You would be able to finance your trading account with the help of credit cards, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, Skrill, Perfect Money, and many others.

How Shortly Will the Funds Be Added to Your Trading Account?

The funds will be accessible for trading instantly once they receive authorization from the payment procedure.

What Are the Lowest Investment and Allocation Alternatives?

The lowest Videforex investment for the trading account is $250, and allocation alternatives are credit cards or debit cards, cryptocurrency accounts, and prominent e-wallets.

How Can You Close Your Videforex Account?

To close your Videforex account, you can email support@Videforex.com to order the closing of your account. You will obtain authorization when this request is finalized.


It will be a topic of concern if there is an absence of data on the Videforex. You would want the website to provide the complete information for that brokerage that has just started trading at Videforex. The absence of data doesn’t mean that there is VideForex cheating going on. 

At this moment, you should formulate a demo statement and entirely test with the outlet and as much assistance as reasonable before conceding that this organization is the genuine and reasonable Forex vendor for you.