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Videforex Withdrawal: How to Withdraw Profits?

Minimum withdrawal
Payment methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallet, Crypto
Withdrawal fees$0

The VideForex trading platform seems inherently thoughtful, as it shares its characteristics with other identical web properties that deliver binary options services through numerous brand names. Yet, at the same time, it may be frightening at first, seemingly due to the contradicting information given on the website.

As you all know, VideForex is a trusted Forex and CFD vendor because of its popularity. You also have binary options trading with the help of its different sister companies. Vide Forex has extremely dominant business fundamentals, which assures the traders to rely on the company for the long term.

Funds Withdrawal

Vide Forex supports the withdrawal of funds with the help of bank wire transfers, primary credit cards, and e-Wallets. For the withdrawal of funds with the help of a bank wire transfer, Vide Forex would charge a minimum amount of $50 as a fee or commission.

In extension, the withdrawal amount should be at least $50. The nice information about Videforex’s withdrawals is that the broker safeguards that all withdrawal claims will be dealt with within an hour.

For safety reasons, identification of the individual is compelled for all withdrawals, nonetheless of the withdrawal percentage. For account, without bonus, the vendor must attain a 100% turnover from the deposited amount to contend for withdrawal. 

For account with a bonus, the vendor must reach 300% turnover from the deposited amount, to contend for the deposited amount and earnings withdrawal.  

Dissipates & Commissions

The trading expenses and fees can be promptly stacked up. So, choosing a vendor that provides active spreads is significant. With VideForex.com, a spread is generally applied. The spread is dynamic for specific devices. 

While they are not certainly the inexpensive vendor on the market, they are not much costly from any angle. Hopefully, this implies you prevent the vendors whose fees are so low that you pay the rate in low-performance speeds and a questionable platform. The fees at more valuable vendors will considerably cut into your end of daily earnings.


When you are evaluating vendors, the comfort with the help of which withdrawals can be brought is another essential characteristic to contemplate.

Legislation helps in playing a significant role where consumer reserves have pertained as reserves protected in segregated accounts. It should be accessible for withdrawal at any allotted time whenever a request is formulated by the vendor and successive holder of the trading account.

Videforex provides the following payment techniques when withdrawals are made:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • PerfectMoney

When you are formulating withdrawals, traders are required to provide evidence of identification with every withdrawal regardless of the amount withdrawn from the trading fund. 

Withdrawal Techniques and Fees

Videforex finance department deals with all withdrawal requests fulfilled. From the period the request is formulated, Videforex generally processes each withdrawal request within an hour. 

Nevertheless, in case of deficiency of information on the side of consumers, or uncertainties on the third-party side, it would take too long to process.

The Videforex finance squad will infer the technique of withdrawal. Customers can not order to alter a withdrawal technique. All funds must be refunded to the source of the actual deposit. Nevertheless, this may not be feasible (such as in cases where the actual deposit quotation was a MasterCard). 

Videforex’s finance department will attempt to find the optimal technique of processing customer’s withdrawals.

Identification is expected for all withdrawals, nonetheless of the withdrawal amount if the account is initially financed by any credit card or debit card or is at any question financed with the help of utilizing a credit card or debit card. 

VideForex will ask you for a photocopy of the front and back of the credit card used, concealing susceptible authentication information, a photo ID which is issued by the government (such as a driving license or passport), and 3-months current evidence of residence address (such as a bank statement or electricity bill), if required. 

This requirement will not be fulfilled if you provide a mobile phone bill or any other comprehensive mail. In addition, if the Vide Forex account has been financed with the help of utilizing numerous credit cards or debit cards, the Vide Forex finance department will ask you for the photocopies of all cards used by you before a withdrawal is ratified.

Not overcoming the above, if the amount of withdrawal exceeds $1,800 or €1,800, funds would not be transported until the identity of the customer and the age is not ascertained. 

If your account is originally financed by bank transfer, a photocopy of the bank statement would be required from the originating account, indicating the transfer.

Be careful regarding the name on the bank statement. It should be matched by the name of the person on the Vide Forex account. Additional documentation demonstrating the relationship between the bank account and the user will be expected.

If your account is financed by an e-wallet, the customer would be expected to provide ID proof, a photo, and evidence of address where the address of the statement delivered conforms that on the user account at Videforex.

When delivering expected statements, please obey these guidelines:

  • Please always mail colored copies, scans, or photographs
  • Please do not expand, reduce, or otherwise manipulate the size of the accountable matter.
  • Please restrain the middle 8 digits on the card when mailing the copies of the cards. Please assure the first and last four digits are noticeable. Cards mailed indicating all digits will be eliminated instantly.
  • When you are mailing the bank statements, please ensure that the name and address data are apparent and that the transfer is mailed to the firm. Then you must protect all other information.

If the withdrawal percentage, or total withdrawal amount on the account, surpasses €1,800 or $1,800 (relying on the account currency), Videforex’s finance office will expect certified copies of all identification statements, nonetheless of whether uncertified copies have recently been delivered.

All the relevant documents must be authorized as actual copies by a notary public or post office. No withdrawals will be filtered until such period as the Videforex finance department has attained all expected identification and substantiated their realism. 

Once identification has been completed, and for the second time you are making a withdrawal, in such a case, you will not be required to provide the ID again. Only with the abnormality of if extra payment techniques or additional cards are utilized to finance the account, for this, you will be required to provide copies of additional cards or bank statements.

Please note that huger withdrawal percentages may take extra time as they may be accountable to fraud inspections by the processing and obtaining banks. 

These extra checks are not conducted by or at the request of, Videforex and they do not have supervision over this procedure.

Any withdrawal finalized by worldwide wire transfer will be arrested an upfront $50 transfer fee or commission.

For funds, which were not effective, that is, with which the customer has not made any turnover, expenditure commission of 20% on each of the amount of the withdrawal apply, which shall be reimbursed by the customer.

To obtain the bonus after the first deposit is filtered, the customer must contact support@videforex.com, request a competent bonus, and place no businesses before the bonus has consented. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Circumstances for Making the Withdrawals?

For safety, identification of the person is considered the priority for all withdrawals, regardless of the withdrawal percentage. For the accounts without premium, the vendor would be required to reach up to a 100% turnover from the deposit amount to contend for the withdrawal. 
For account with a bonus, the vendor must reach 300% turnover from deposited percentage, to contend for the deposited amount and earnings withdrawal. Therefore, the least amount enabled for withdrawal is $50.

How Shortly Is Your Withdrawal Request Filtered?

Videforex filters all withdrawal requests within an hour. Nevertheless, confirmation may take longer if the customer did not fulfill all requested papers in time.

Does Videforex Forgo a Tax from Pay-outs?

Videforex does not forgo any taxes. Regardless, as a client, it is your obligation and duty to fulfill the taxes regulations in your jurisdiction.


Vendors are required to take tremendous warning as the website and contributions of a cheating vendor may come across as legit to those who do not recognize what to look for.

Before opening a trading account with this vendor, it is essential to assess and ascertain its legality and right fullness, or vendors risk losing considerable funds that cannot be redeemed once invested if it is dishonest or defrauding broker.

It will be a topic of concern if there is an absence of data on the Vide Forex. You would want the website to provide the complete information for that brokerage that has just started trading at Vide Forex. The absence of data doesn’t mean that there is VideForex cheating going on. 

At this moment, you should formulate a demo statement and entirely test with the outlet and as much assistance as reasonable before conceding that this organization is the genuine and reasonable Forex vendor for you.