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Binomo Fees: How much does it cost to trade?

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As Binomo is growing very fast as a binary trading platform, you can have a try. It doesn’t matter if the trader is a beginner or a professional; Binomo never lets down its environment for the traders. When it comes to trading on a low-volume, high-paying trading platform, there is no comparison to Binomo.

Binomo is an incredibly strong and powerful platform to analyze the utmost situation of trading. Advanced tools will help you in the journey. However, as you are about to jump into the platform’s pool, you must know about the fees and brokerage commission here.

You’ll have a complete guide regarding fees and commission on this platform. So let’s see.

What are the Charges Binomo Takes from the Traders?

Every single platform in the world is charging an amount of money to help the traders to gain more. Professional trading platforms are allowing people to use their accounts, tools, and charts. Because of giving all the opportunities to handle their tools, all trading platforms charge some fees.

If you are wondering how Binomo charges fees from their traders, then here’s the answer. When a trader makes a profit, a small percentage is being cut off depending on the amount. However, the charge is legitimate because it won’t charge a single penny if you don’t gain the profit.

Binomo shows you reasonable charges. As mentioned, they work in an acceptable and legit way. They know how to take care of their clients and supporting their clients with everything they have, like high-quality trade trading, customer support, special offers, and so on. 

With all this help, they’ll give you the best odds to gain profit. If you lose, it is the defeat of both you and Binomo. You always belong to the same team.

What is the Account Fee in Binomo?

Several trading platforms do charge for account creation. Charging fees for the deposit and withdrawals are separate things to consider. These steps make a lot of rookies think about their situation twice. 

You can get a different feeling here on Binomo. Binomo is a professional trading platform. The most interesting thing about it is, it can understand the point of view of a rookie. They know a rookie never goes with complete trust on a platform. So they keep working on building that trust. That’s why as a helpful step, they don’t have any external charges for Account creation.

The thing is clear that Binomo won’t go against the trader’s will. As they are eager to offer such incredible things to you, don’t let the opportunity go away. 

What are the Deposit and Withdrawal Charges for Binomo?

Binomo is a unique platform with no hidden charges on deposits and withdrawals. It has several payment options available for it. Those are bank transfer, electronic wallet, Debit Card, credit card, and sometimes cryptocurrency balance.

For deposit purposes, they don’t charge anything. Not even the banks charge for it. However, there is a limitation up to which you have to submit the deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Convert the amount into your country’s Currency to avoid any confusion. 

The same goes for Withdrawals. Withdrawal is easy with Binomo; you don’t have to bother about the payment methods as those are the same as deposits. Like deposit, you have to withdraw at least $10. Whenever you are depositing or withdrawing the money, make sure it is in a round figure. 

It is always better to go with your Currency to avoid any difficulties. All the transactions will be done based on the current exchange rate.

The payment methods here don’t ask for any fees. Binomo won’t take anything from you, and everything will be deposited to your account apart from the profit commission. If anything is charged from you, that will be from the bank’s side or your transaction method’s side. 

What are the Myths About Binomo Commission and Brokerage Fees?

You probably get confused because a lot of sites are saying that Binomo is not charging a single penny from the traders, and here, you have seen the commission is charged from traders.

Binomo is a platform where lots of Brokerage firms are involved. All of them are giving special offers, odds, and trading tools to help the traders. In some of the cases, those brokers are dealing with several other affiliated indicators, platforms, and so on. When a trader trades through them, they charge a little out of commission.

What you need to do is, choose the right broker. If you visit their site, you’ll find some names that have offers and commission lists on the Binomo Account. By doing good quality research, you can find the cheapest for yourself.

Now let’s get back to our discussion. Those who are telling you that Binomo doesn’t charge a single thing are only talking about these parts. They also are talking about deposit and withdrawal fees. They are not Wrong; however, they are giving you partial information because Binomo charges a commission for the profits.

It is simply that when someone is running a business, they can’t let themselves have zero earning. The same goes for Binomo. Many have wrong assumptions regarding Binomo that either it has hidden charges or it has fake tools. Because it is offering everything for free, no one believes in the depth of the platform.

If you are interested to know what are the charges taken by them, you can visit their official site. There every single piece of information is given in the Terms and Conditions section. Don’t click on ‘I Agree’ before reading the guidelines. For emergency purposes, you can take help from customer services too. 

Binomo is very friendly with their traders. They don’t take any commission if the trader’s money goes in vain. Very few trading platforms are there that are not only helping the traders to win but also be on the side when they lose with such greetings and pushing themselves to have an excellent customer base.

These are all myths regarding Binomo fees. Everything is being cleared for you. Complete information regarding Binomo fees is as follows, so you don’t have to worry about other sites. 

Is Binomo Worthy to Use as Its Charges Are Very Low?

We human beings have two sides. On the one hand, we constantly search for free or cheap things. On the other hand, we encourage doubts regarding something readily available. The thing is not wrong, though, but everything has its perspective. We have to know everything before jumping to a conclusion.

As many have doubts about Binomo as it is cheap, let’s know something before investing money in it. Is it worthy of trading with?

  • Binomo is a global trading platform with lots of advanced tools, languages, and currencies. It doesn’t matter from which country you are (except for the USA); Binomo will always welcome you. It has connections with many brokers, has high-quality indicators, provides charts, and offers discounts. So eventually, everyone loves to trade with it.
  • Again, don’t underestimate the power of the security server of this site. It has an official license from the CySEC, FE, and others. The strong connection and security will help you too. The SSL certificate makes sure the payment information and Personal details are safe with you.
  • Demo Accounts are available here. You can say this is the greatest opportunity on this site. Many traders are asking for a free place where they can manage tax issues without any problem. Here you can trade and earn money with a demo account. You can create as much as a demo account here for free. You can transfer the funds directly to your account. 
  • Lastly, account types. A whole bunch of account types can be seen here. But three are main Standard, Gold, and VIP. These have some qualities regarding minimum funds, offering tournaments, dealing with special offers, and many more. Because of these, a whole lot of opportunities will be open for the traders. And traders are happily earning massive revenue from here.

As you can see, though the charges are low, Binomo is not letting their clients get disappointed. They are hitting all the crucial points so far. You have to grab the opportunity to make sure you are earning huge and saving equally.


Binomo is the best place for beginners and professionals. Choose the plans according to knowledge and experience. Standard will be perfect for the beginner and others for professionals. As discussed many times, fees are less, but the values are high enough.

No other platform will provide such an incredible amount of offers within such a short price (even at free of cost sometimes). We have given all the information as much as possible. Kindly visit their official site if you have any other questions remaining. If you ask for recommendations, then we’ll suggest you go with Binomo for binary trading.