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Binomo withdrawal: How to withdraw money?

Minimum withdrawal $10
Payment methods Banktransfer, Credit card, E-Wallets, Crypto
Withdrawal fees $0

Binomo is binary options trading platform. Nowadays, very few binary trading platforms are ranking at the top of the list. Among those names, Binomo is a tough competitor. Not only it is offering beneficial offers and advanced tools, but also it has a good winning ratio.

So, if you are using Binomo or have plans for it, we’ll suggest you dive in. As it has lots of plus points, you’ll know about Binomo’s withdrawal methods on how to withdraw money in this particular article. Along with the methods, you’ll learn about the fees, options, and some special rules. Let’s see what’s in there.

How to withdraw money from Binomo?

How to withdraw money from Binomo

Before jumping to the processes directly, you must know about the initial methods here, like Binomo’s securities, fees of the different brokers, and other details. Let’s start with the securities. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Is Binomo secured to do payments?

When it comes to International payments, everyone doubts whether the portal is safe or not. Binomo has a long list of countries collaborating with it. Binomo has spread its business in more than 133 countries. Near about 1 million customers are earning huge money with this organization.

  • If you ask for the securities, then it has long connections. It is a grade ‘A’ certified broker, which the International Financial Commission declares. Finacom has announced this brokerage firm as the top among all. 
  • IAIR and FE have rewarded this company as an award-winning Brokerage firm. As these two organizations are the trusted among all, you can go with Binomo. 

One other agency is there; It is named Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission. They haven’t received confirmation from this organization yet but, the work is in progress. So your assets will be safe with it.

How to do the verification process on Binomo for your withdrawal?

Binomo verification for withdrawal

Binomo’s Withdrawal process is so easy. Even a nontechnical guy can do the verification and withdrawal process. Binomo is a hotspot of brokers. Though it is a brokerage firm, it also allows various Brokerage firms to bid in here. So if you are investing money in a specific Brokerage firm, in the withdrawal process, you also have to rely on that particular firm’s laws and regulations.

In the case of Binomo, the individual’s verification method depends on the payment methods (bank transfer, e-wallet, and others), the Brokerage firm, and on the country from where the trader belongs. For Binomo Withdrawal verification, keep these points noted.

  • It doesn’t matter which payment methods, which Brokerage firm, or which country you belong to; you have to submit proper KYC for yourself in Binomo.
  • KYC must contain the passport, driving license, and necessary national and international documents.
  • You have to submit the scanned copy of these Original IDs. Use the ID which has a clear view. 

If you can keep up with these points, your verification process will be a lot easier. So, make ready all the documents and don the verification process before you do the withdrawal process. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What are the withdrawal fees on Binomo?

Binomo doesn’t charge a single penny as a fee in case of withdrawals. The fee or the extra charges that get deducted during withdrawals is because of the wallet charges. However, Neteller and Web Money won’t cause any external charges. If these two are allowed to your country, go with them.

Here is one thing that needs to be kept in mind: if you can’t see the balance in your account, keep patience because their server takes some time to update it in the Accounts. A thorough verification process gets done for the security of your payment.

What are the payment methods available on Binomo?

Binomo payment method

Almost all types of payment options are available on this site. It is a global platform, so allowing all possible options for the payments is a quality. Let’s have a look at what they are offering.

Bank transfer, online banking, payment options for your country, cryptocurrencies, and others are allowed here. When it comes to Debit Card or credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Maestro are available as options. In electronic wallets, Web Money, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payoneer, PayPal, and several other options are available. 

What’s the withdrawal process In Binomo?

  1. To withdraw money from Binomo, you have to visit the official page of Binomo. Here you can find an option named Cashier. Here you can see both deposit and withdrawal options.
  2. Click on the withdrawal option. You’ll be redirected to a page where you need to provide your details. 
  3. There you’ll have two options again. One is a selection of the amount. A box will be there where you have to put the amount. Next is a comment box. The comment box is not compulsory. However, you can put a comment regarding any confusion or question. This section is primarily there for the improvement of service. 
  4. You have to click on the withdrawal options given there. Select any one of these and click on withdrawal. The process may take hardly one day to process. Though most cases, it is being done within 4 hours. 

Network issues, problems in the server can be the reason for the delay. However, withdrawing the amount from your Binomo Account won’t take too much time. Now the question is, when will it get deposited into your bank account? It may take some time. Some countries have strict policies to Check through the customers’ verification process and KYC. 

In general, it takes or gets done within five days. For further information, you can talk to your bank. To avoid difficulties, it will be better to transfer the withdrawal amount into your official bank account registered by your name. 

Some other factors are there. Those are as follows.

  • While you are withdrawing money from your account, make sure it is more than $10. Otherwise, your withdrawal will get canceled.
  • Withdrawal in Binomo is very fast compared to other sites and global platforms. So if you face any problem regarding withdrawal, you are suggested to contact the authority.
  • Binomo is taking no charges during withdrawal. So you’ll get whatever you are withdrawing if the medium is not charging anything.

As these are the crucial factors, you always have to keep them in mind. Let’s now discuss some other issues regarding withdrawal.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How to check the withdrawal status?

Binomo withdrawal status

Checking withdrawal status is important as it allows you to know whether your last payment status. In some cases, traders find a problem regarding payment that even the withdrawal is processed, yet no cash is credited to their account.

Such a condition can create a mess. Before you contact the responsible authorities, you must have confirmation of your withdrawals. This process is very simple. Go to the Cashier section. There you can find an option called Withdrawal Funds.

Click on Withdrawal Funds. There a drop-down menu will appear. On that menu, you can see an option called Transaction History. Here, you can find whether your last withdrawal has been successful or not. Not only withdrawal but deposit history is also available. 

What will happen if the withdrawal request is cancelled?

First of all, you need to know what are the reasons for a withdrawal rejection. Then we’ll see how you can get to know about this. 

  • The main reason for rejection is not having proper documents. As these are financial platforms, checking the details is a government order to maintain the taxation rules. 
  • Secondly, reloading the page can be a problem. Sometimes due to a bad network connection, we often reload to give a little push. However, it can be harmful. Your total payment can get interrupted. So it is better to avoid reloads even the buffering is slow during withdrawal. 
  • Lastly, putting wrong information regarding payment can be a problem. While putting the cards or pin values in the wallet section, make sure you are doing it correctly. Also, check the payment option is available, and the cards are not expired. 

These are the reasons for the rejection of withdrawal. To check this, you can simply go to the withdrawal fund option and check the withdrawal history. If you can see words like Rejected or Cancelled, then you haven’t made the withdrawal correctly. 

Your balance stays secure in your account. If you are facing any problem with it, contact customer service.

Conclusion: Withdrawals are secure on the Binomo platform

Binomo Withdrawal is not as simple as it seems. Undoubtedly the withdrawal process is simple, but the tasks needed before withdrawal are sure complex ones. However, all of these are one time. Verification and submitting KYC must be done while creating the Accounts.

If you can make up for this initially, you don’t have to bother about the future. Use a strong internet connection, register with your bank account and follow the steps mentioned above correctly. If you can keep these 3 points in your mind, you will have a good experience here. 

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)