Is Expert Option legal in India? Review for Indian traders

Expert Option is one of the most well-known known online trading networks. It offers different financial assets to trade like forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. Online trading means buying and selling stocks, shares, bonds, or other financial profits on an online platform or network.  

Expert Option is situated in Port Vila, Vanuatu. It is one of the fastest trading networks and is available 24/7. Expert Option has grown at an excellent rate in the past few years. It is best for market analysis, and it has a very convenient user experience. 

Expert Option was founded in 2014 and is one of the most loyal and trustworthy platforms out there. This platform has more than 55 million users and various tools for investment and trading. It has more than 100 assets for its users to trade online. It offers a demo account to its users to practice with free virtual coins and get a better understanding of the platform and enhance their trading skills.

Furthermore, it offers a low minimum deposit and high maximum returns. Expert Option has around 100 account managers. This inline trading platform is very easy and convenient to use. You can access it through either a PC or a mobile device.

Expert Option is open to traders worldwide. It is available in India, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, and other countries. However, it is not available in some countries like Australia, the USA, Yemen, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, Canada, Israel, North Korea, Sudan, Switzerland.

Is Expert Option legal in India? 

Expert Option is open to users worldwide. The platform is available to many countries, including India. There are proper regulations followed by Expert Option, which makes it a very safe and secure online trading platform. Indian users can start trading on Expert Option by depositing a minimum of $10. 

Expert Option is available to the users 24/7 and is available in more than 15 languages such as Hindi, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, and many others. It also has many special features for traders to use to enhance their trading skills.

Expert Option is one of the best certified online trading platforms out there, and it is an excellent platform for Indian Traders. Therefore, yes Expert Option is legal to use in India. 

Regulations for online trading in India 

Online trading is legal in India. Online trading and financial markets in India are regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Management Act (FEMA). There is no ban on online trading in India. The traders or users are free to trade on various online trading platforms. However, forex and binary trading are not allowed in India. According to Foreign Exchange and Management Act (FEMA), binary trading and forex are banned in India. There are no regulations for binary trading and Forex in India, and if users decide to do so, it is at their own risk. 

Although forex is prohibited in India, you can still trade in foreign currencies. However, there are a few restrictions. The currency being traded upon has to be the Indian currency, i.e., Indian Rupee or INR. The currencies that can be paired with the Indian Rupee are Euro or EUR, US Dollar or USD, Japanese Yen or JPY, and Great Britain Pound or GBP.

Regulations of Expert Option 

Expert Option is regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Expert Option’s users’ winnings or funds are kept with the best separate accounts. Expert Option also has Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS web protocol along with Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption which is encryption-based internet security; these are used to secure any sensitive information of the stakeholders.

Expert Option is properly regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), which makes it a very safe and secure online trading platform for users.

Review of Expert Option for Indian traders 

Expert Option is one of the best certified online trading platforms for Indian Traders as it offers lots of perks and benefits to its users. India is one of the fast-growing online markets in the world, and Expert Option is best suited for that.

Expert Option even provides a 100% bonus to its first-time users. It also offers a great payout to the traders. You can get a maximum payout of 95% and a minimum payout of 80%. On top of all these benefits, Expert Option does not charge any kind of trading, deposit, or withdrawal fees.  

Expert Option’s customer support services are also open 24/7; you can contact them via email, phone number, or their customer support forms. Their services are open in many languages, including Hindi and English. 

Assets to trade on Expert Option in India

Expert Option has more than 100 assets that you can trade online like stocks, cryptocurrency, Commodities, etc.

  • Stocks

Expert Option offers lots of stocks to trade like Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and many more.

  • Cryptocurrency

They allow you to trade plenty of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash, etc.

  • Commodity

The commodities that can be traded on Expert Option are Gold and Silver.

How to set up an account on Expert Option in India

To start trading and withdrawing funds, you need to have a real account on Expert Option. To set up your real account, you can choose to register from Facebook, Google, or Gmail. You can access it from either mobile or desktop devices. Expert Option is available to all android, IOS, and Windows users. Steps to set up a real account on Expert Option – 

  1. There are two options on the main screen, “Login” and “Real Account.” Click on the option “Real Account.”
  2. If you want to register from your email, fill out the email and password.
  3. Next, click on the box next to “I accept terms and conditions” if you agree with all the terms and conditions given by Expert Option. 
  4. Click on “Open Account.”

If you want to open your real account by using your “Facebook” or “Google” account, you can simply click on either of the options given on the screen. After you have created your password and have successfully logged in, you will have to activate the account by going to the email you entered and by clicking on the confirmation link sent by Expert Option. Once you have successfully registered to Expert Option, you can start making your money deposits and begin your trading.

Demo account

However, if you aren’t confident about starting real trading, you can open a demo account. Just click on the “Try Free Demo” option, and you are good to go; you don’t need any registration to open a demo account. You can practice trading by demo account for free. 

You get $10,000 virtual funds to practice. You can sharpen your trading skills did free and can easily step into real trading when you are ready. You get all the features in the demo account as in the real account.

Account types on Expert Option 

Expert Option offers various accounts to its users for additional benefits, such as Micro, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive accounts. 

  • Micro

The micro account has a minimum deposit of $10. The maximum trade-in micro account is only $10. You are allowed 10 traders at a time. With a micro account, you can access educational materials.

  • Basic

The minimum deposit that can be made in a basic account is $50, and the maximum trade is $25. Like in the micro account, you are allowed 10 traders in the basic account as well. You also get access to educational materials.

  • Silver

In the silver account, you are required to deposit a minimum of $500. The Maximum trade limit in this account is $250. You allowed 15 traders in the silver account. You get access to daily market reviews and financial research along with educational material.

  • Gold

The minimum deposit that can be made in a gold account is $2,500 and has a minimum deal limit of $1,000. You are allowed 30 traders in the gold account. There is also a profitability ratio of 2%. This account has some additional perks; they get priority withdrawal processing. 

  • Platinum

In the platinum account, the initial deposit required is $5,000. You will get a 4% profit increase in this account. Platinum account has no limitations on the number of traders allowed. 

  • Exclusive

To have this account, you need to be invited. It is not available to everyone. You can get a maximum deal of $5,000. It also has an increased profitability ratio of 6%. 

Special features in Expert Option

Expert Option offers additional special features to the users like technical analysis tools, social trading, trading, and education, etc. 

  • Technical Analysis Tools

Expert Option has a wide range of technical analysis tools available for users to use. They have technical analysis tools like different chart types, different indicators, trend lines, and more.

  • Social Trading 

With social trading, you can trade with other people and also see how and what others are trading. You can see how much profit others are making and what they are investing in.

  • Trading and Education

Expert Option has various online trading and education materials available for the users like online video tutorials, webinars, education materials, etc.

How to withdraw funds from Expert Option in India?

It is a very easy process to withdraw funds from Expert Option once you set up your real account. Once you have earned a satisfactory profit and you want to withdraw that amount, you need to follow a few steps. The steps to withdraw money from Expert Option are very simple and easy to follow: 

  1. Log into the Expert Option platform and click on the upper corner menu on the left.
  2. Click on the finances option.
  3. A withdrawal option can be seen in the lower corner on the right.
  4. Select the Withdrawal option.
  5. Choose the amount you want to withdraw from the account.
  6. Choose a convenient payment method for the withdrawal.
  7. Once all the information is filled in, click on the ‘New Request’ option.
  8. And you are done! Your money is being processed.

Once you have completed the money withdrawal request process, you will receive a confirmation email from Expert Option after allocating your withdrawal request. You will receive another email when the money has been processed and sent to your account.

Deposit and withdrawal methods in Expert Option for Indian users 

Expert Option offers a wide range of payment methods to its users. Traders can choose from various withdrawal methods according to their convenience. All the payment options are completely safe and secure to use. Expert Option has around 20 payment options to choose from. You can withdraw your winnings from VISA, MasterCard, PayTM, UPI, Skrill, Neteller, and various other options.

Expert Option also assists E-wallets and credit cards. You can withdraw funds by Visa, Union Pay, MasterCard, etc. An E-wallet can also be used for withdrawing money. The E-wallets that are available on Expert Option are Neteller, QIWI Wallet, Skrill, and more.

When you are withdrawing funds from Expert Option, credit cards take more time than E-wallets. E-wallets are faster when withdrawing funds than other payment methods.

Minimum withdrawal amount

The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from the Expert Option is $10. Because of the terms and conditions of the Expert Option, you can’t Withdraw money less than $10.

Maximum withdrawal amount 

The maximum amount of money that you can withdraw per day from Expert Option is $10,00,000. 

Withdrawal fees

There are no withdrawal fees on the Expert Option. You can withdraw money easily without paying any extra charges. However, you may have to pay charges if a payment system charges fees for the transaction process. 

How much time does it take to withdraw money from Expert Option in India?  

The overall withdrawing process on Expert Option is extremely easy and efficient and takes up to 2 to 3 days to complete. 

Sometimes it can take around 10 days for your winnings to be processed. However, this is not a common occurrence. There is no need to worry if your transaction has been delayed; if you have made the request, it means that the broker is aware of the situation and is currently working on processing your funds. If you still aren’t satisfied with the service, you can always contact Expert Option support to clear any of your queries.

Proof of withdrawal

If you want proof of all the withdrawals and deposits in your account, you can go to the “payment history” section and review all the records of all the transactions you have made. You can also track your withdrawal and deposit history.

Initially, no documents are required for withdrawing money, but the representative can ask you for certain documents, depending on your withdrawal method and type. If you use a different method to deposit money and another different method to withdraw money, you need to pass verification. However, if you used the same method to deposit and withdraw money, you don’t have to pass verification. 

If compared to other online trading platforms, Expert Option is an excellent choice for stepping into the trading world. It allows users to practice and get a better understanding of their platform through the demo account and has various customizable tools and techniques to be used according to the users’ convenience.

Support for the Indian traders

Expert Option is available for Indian users to trade online on this platform. It is available in various languages, including Hindi and English, which is a benefit for Indian users. The customer support services are open to users at all times. The customer support team of Expert Option is multilingual, which makes it very easy for the users to clear their queries or ask questions. 

The users can contact Expert Option’s customer support team at any time as it is available 24/7 for any sort of help or queries. You can contact them through email, phone number, and customer support forms which are given on the main website. You can also fill the contact form given on the Expert Option’s website, and they will get back to you within 24 hours. 


Expert Option is an excellent online trading platform to start trading online as it has more features and benefits given to the users than other well-known online trading platforms. It is also a very safe and secure online trading platform as it is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). They also have other protocols to protect their clients’ privacy. 

Expert Option is very user-friendly and convenient to use. They have special features and additional benefits for the traders. You can even customize the platform like change themes, etc. Expert Option is a great choice for online trading in India.

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