IQ Option affiliate & partner program review – How to refer and earn

Did you know that you can earn a profit on a platform without trading? This is quite interesting as IQ Option Affiliate Program has been introduced in the broker’s industry with an excellent way of earning profitable income without having to put your money as a sacrifice.

iq option affiliate
IQ Option affiliate program

All you need to do is recruit new traders and make them active traders on the platform so that you can earn your pay. Your pay does not even depend on their success or loss, as the income generated for the affiliates is through the success of the platform. This article will briefly explain the IQ Option affiliate program and how Affiliates can earn money with the binary broker platform.

All facts of the IQ Option affiliate program:

Registration:Free and fast
Payout:Up to 50% revenue share
Sub-affiliate profit:Up to 15%
Regulated brand:Yes
Unregulated brand:Yes
Payout criteria: Having 10 active traders
Affiliate manager:Available
Landing pages:Yes
Languages:More than 20
Payment methods:Bank wire, cryptocurrencies, electronic wallets
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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is one of the most successful trading platforms, which offers you options such as multiple asset choices, no withdrawal or commission fee, and a bonus on the initial deposit of a trade.

IQ Option official website
IQ Option official website

You can even trade with a minimum of $1 and withdraw a minimum of $1 from the platform after winning a trade and getting successful. You will be pleasantly surprised with the IQ Option demo account where you can practice trading for free and learn new tactics of trading, as well as see how trading works.

Now, let us talk about the Affiliate Program that is literally so famous and has become one of the best earnings methods for new people on a broker platform without actually trading and putting in your own money.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

What is the IQ Option affiliate program?

IQ Option affiliate program screenshot

The IQ Option platform came with an amazing alternative income method as well as a promotional gimmick to bring new traders on the platform every year to increase the rate of success of the platform as well as help people earn genuine money from the broker platform.

The customers, as well as clients, get fair treatment, and they can experience transparency in the mode of payments.

Moreover, affiliates get 50% of the broker’s revenue as income from the trader’s activity on the platform. 

IQ Option also offers instant payouts for every user with this program as a proper income. The main job is to promote the broker platform on any website, such as a personal website, YouTube channel, Facebook Group, etc. You can even use the educative material provided on the affiliate program dashboard and be a part of various webinars of experienced affiliates. You may even need to manage a short portfolio of clients after establishing a better clientele.

Benefits of IQ Option affiliation program

If you think about it, there are only benefits that can be gained through this affiliate program.

  • It is the ideal broker as it has the best affiliate program since it allows a lot of opportunities to its members and makes them famous.
  • You only get profit from the profit of the broker platform, and it does not depend on the income of the trader or their trading plan of action/

How does the IQ Option affiliate work?

The easiest way to understand is that you need to register first on the affiliate program by verifying your phone number and adding crucial details.

how to become a iq option affiliate

After that, you will enter the affiliate program dashboard.

Best binary broker:
(Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk)

IQ Option - Trade with a legit broker


IQ Option - Trade with a legit broker

  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Free demo account
  • High return up to 100% (in case of a correct prediction)
  • The platform is easy to use
  • 24/7 support
(Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk)

Personal profile

Create your personal profile by adding important details after registering for the program. You will need to add proper information such as “contact information” and “personal information “even though your name stays as “affiliate.” After getting 10 active traders, you will be able to get your payment.

Dashboard for affiliates and overall statistics

The dashboard is very organized, and clear images of statistics are available right on the screen. You can see everything for yourself on the dashboard and check everything about the affiliate program.

iq option affiliate program

There are some stats mentioned about the top affiliates of the platform, as well as a separate board for the user is available for them to see their performance as an affiliate over the broker platform.

Promo code for affiliate

There are a lot of promo codes available for use that can promote the trading platform easily. Moreover, there are new promo tools each month, and you can also subscribe to the affiliate program newsletter to get recent updates about new promo instruments.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

Payment: how to withdraw affiliate profits

IQ Options offers a cash mode of payment as well and pay all the affiliates every month and sometimes even twice a month. However, you should be qualified to get your income from IQ Option by bringing at least 10 new active traders.

iq option affiliate program

Verify your phone number and add an email address to prove genuineness so that you can finally start earning.

List of top 10 affiliates on IQ Option

There is an option for the Top 10 list of traders who have earned the most as an affiliate. This is the best way to know how much money can be actually earned through getting affiliates on the trading platform.

iq option affiliate top10

There is an option to see your rank on the checkboard as well, which will help you get clarity on how well you need to do to maximize your profit on the income.

Affiliate news

You will be able to find new information about the IQ Option affiliate program according to daily events and world events impacting the market.

Keep tabs daily to see what kind of new changes have taken place since the last time you used the broker platform.

Important guidelines for IQ Option affiliate program

There are specific guidelines for the IQ Option affiliate program that has to be followed in order to prevent yourself from being blocked as an affiliate from the program. Some of the rules are mentioned below:

  • You can’t use your affiliate link to create a trader account for yourself as it is prohibited strictly by the broker and can take strict actions such as banning you from the platform without notice.
  • You should not use “IQ Option” as the brand name if you are going to purchase paid ads through Google AdWords. Keep the “IQ Option” as a negative keyword so that it doesn’t show in google to save yourself from getting banned.
  • Verify your phone number and then add a payment method because you will not be able to use the payment methods to withdraw profits without mentioning your phone number
  • You need to have at least 10 traders brought into the referral program if you wish to get your income to withdraw from the platform. Therefore, you should look for 10 traders, as any fewer traders joining the platform will not let you get your money in the bank account.

One should be respectful of the guideline rules so that you don’t get banned from the affiliate program. Also, always stay connected with your program manager.

The IQ Option referral affiliate program

The referral program offered by the IQ Option has some excellent performance, and you can invite other affiliates to market the broker platform to earn a 5% profit for a lifetime.

How to refer and earn from new IQ Option traders?

The affiliate program works in an amazing way, but only if you know how to keep attracting potential clients to earn your profits. When you do register for the IQ Option Affiliate account, you need to promote and bring traffic to the platform to get some potential clients. 

In fact, even if the trader doesn’t win any trade, you will still get profits from the betterment of the platform. The affiliates earn their income from the profits of the broker and not the clients.


YouTube is one of the most influential and popular social networking and media platforms, which could very well promote the broker platform and bring you some traders too. 


After optimizing the channel, a lot of organic visitors may visit your channel and use the affiliate promo code. Moreover, you can create videos of trading techniques and how to earn profit from the broker to attract new traders.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)


Facebook has been popular for the groups created over it, which consist of various people with a common interest.


Therefore, people who must be seeking a reliable and stable platform for starting trading full-fledge would be able to join IQ Option after you successfully get them as affiliates.


This method is one of the most consistent ways of promoting the broker and earning new traders as affiliates. Moreover, it is a part of the standard affiliate program to promote binary options on IQ Option.

If you are pursuing the platform seriously, then you should definitely design a website of your own or take help from a professional web designer to create a website that promotes the broker platform and gains you new potential traders, too.

Paid marketing

This can be the last option you may have to use if the upper-mentioned options don’t work for you. Paid marketing is an age-old method of promoting your business, and you can also advertise the IQ Option by paid marketing. However, free marketing tools are better for generating a more consistent flow of money.


If users are looking for ways to make money without having to invest too much capital, then the IQ Option affiliate program is the one for you.

You can get better payouts instantly without too much hassle, and the platform is already reliable.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

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