IQ Option verification: How to verify your trading account

Once you have spent time trying the IQ Option platform, you will need to validate this relation by authenticating your account.

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Complete not worry, it just requires 3 documents, 3 days, and it is a one-time procedure. Once if the IQ Option verification done, your agreement with the brokerage will become legitimate, and you will be able to use it to its maximum potential.

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How can I verify my account on IQ Option?

Following are the 8 steps that will show you how to verify your account on IQ Option:

Step #1 Please sign in to your IQ Option trading account

Select Verify email address or verification in the accounts submenu on the right-side.

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You will be forwarded to the verification screen, where you will be given a set of tasks to follow.

Step #2 Please confirm your email account

Insert your email ID in the field and then navigate to your mailbox to obtain the confirmation code. Return to the verification page and input the code into the box provided.

This will link your email ID with your trading account, which will further be used for notifications, emails, and essential announcements, so it is advisable to provide your personal email address.

Step #3 Verify the mobile number

To validate your mobile number, insert it and input the verification code from IQ Option.

Please use your exact mobile number. Do not use the contact information of your friends or family. Note that registering another person’s number rather than your own violates the firm’s guidelines.

IQ Option phone verification

You can forgo email and mobile authentication and return to them afterward. However, mobile number validation is recommended to enable two-factor security. However, the next procedures are mandatory — without these, the verification will not be validated.

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Step #4 Verification of private details

In this section, you must enter basic details about yourself, such as your name, nationality, and address. Provide the correct address, which you will be able to verify afterward.

In step 7, you will learn more about the address verification criteria.

All private information you disclose with the brokerage is kept strictly confidential. No information can be shared with a foreign entity.

Step #5 Validate your identification

The brokerage must verify your Identity to ensure that you will be dealing on your own and thus are fully responsible for it. IQ Option accepts the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Identification card

The records must be current and in your name. The legitimacy of the incoming provided IDs is extensively checked by verification professionals on the broker’s side. Forged documents may result in an immediate suspension.

Be careful that you adhere to the document criteria:

  • A crisp representation of your name and photograph
  • Non-cropped
  • Non-damaged
  • Non-expired
  • There are no watermarks or signatures.

Step #6 Validate your bank card

This step verifies that you will use your own card for the transactions you make with the broker.

The card should have your name; that’s how the brokerage recognizes you are dealing with your account. In order to avoid financial fraud, the use of third-party cards is prohibited.

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You must submit a photocopy of both faces of the card. This should include your name and be easily noticeable. While sending the photocopy, hide the CVV number on the backside and the last six numbers of the bank card for safety purposes: 4156 56XX XXXX 4572

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Step #7 Verification of address

In certain situations, you may be required to associate your account with a specific geographical place. It is not mandatory; however, the broker may demand it at some time.

You must supply a photocopy of a few of the below documents to complete this phase:

  • Statement of bank/credit card accounts
  • Any bill for utilities
  • A certificate from your municipality certifying that you inhabit wherever you live.
  • Tax declaration

Regardless of the type you decide to provide, please ensure it includes your name and address. It has to be clean and readable, and it must include the institution’s emblem and authorized seal or sign. The paper has to be no more than six months old.

For instance, you can use a bank or tax statement where you do not own your home.

A bank or taxation report, unlike utility bills, is available to everyone because everybody has a bank account and a taxpayer id. 

The statement must include: your entire name; your complete residence address; the employee who provided the certificate’s seal and sign.


It should be noted that certain banks may produce certifications that cannot be verified since they do not provide the address on the document. If this is the case, you can ask your bank to include the addresses in the financial statements based on your particular demand.

Step #8 Wait for validation

Your application can take up to 3 working days to be approved by the IQ Option professionals. You will be able to access the system’s full capabilities, including withdrawal, once the verification is completed. You can track the progress of your confirmation in your profile.

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Before you begin, here are some helpful hints

Verification using the IQ Option is simple and usually takes little time. The only option left is to alert you about certain common blunders that novice traders commit while validating their paperwork.

Do not push it off

Verification is a required step; you will have to complete it eventually. Don’t postpone it. The best approach is to check through everything as soon as possible prior to actually financing your account.


This way, whenever you are going to make your first withdrawal, you will be well prepared and able to cash out without issue.

Keep it genuine

No matter how intimate you are, do not enrol on account of a pal, mother, or anybody else. The account may be suspended because this is a fundamental breach of the broker’s regulations.

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Summing up

IQ Option users must go through a rigorous authentication process, but this is explained by the idea that it is performed for the protection of the users. To begin investing, you simply need to verify your mail, location, as well, as certain basic identifying information. To receive your earnings, you must first validate your identification as well as provide payment documentation. You will have to provide identification proof, evidence of address, and bank card details to do so.

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Facing problems with the paperwork? Consult their 24/7 Support personnel through chat sessions or mail them at [email protected], and they will work with you to find a fix.

Frequently asked questions

How long does IQ Option take to verify?

The total verification process on IQ Option can take up to 5 working days from the time the IQ Option professionals have received your documents.

Can you use IQ Option without verification?

No, verification is mandatory on IQ option for using a real-time account. However, if you wish to use the demo account, you don’t need to verify your IQ Option account.

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(Risk warning: You capital can be at risk)

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