IQ Option trading – Tutorial for beginners

Lately, binary options have become an exotic trading platform where people trade their money to get a lucrative payoff. Among the other available trading platforms, binary options have grabbed the attention of many traders with their high returns. 

But one thing that traders generally forget is that as profitable as trading in binary options is, this market involves equal levels of risk. How, you might ask? That’s because if you have incorrectly speculated the market, you will lose all of your traded amounts. 

In simple terms, the binary option is all or nothing market because you either win a huge payout or lose all the traded amount. Since binary options are risky, traders need to choose a broker that is legally registered with some reputed organization. If you are a newbie, this article will act like an IQ Option Guide for you.

Why should you trade Binary Options?

Seeing the risk involved with binary options, it’s natural to ask why one must trade in this volatile market? Well, the answer to this question to simple. Despite the risk, people like trading binary options because the odds of winning a great payout are high. 

If you know this market inside out, you have a good understanding of the movement of asset’s price, and if you can read the chart, you are likely to make an accurate prediction. And with a correct prediction, you can win around 70% to 95% of the payout on your traded amount. 

One of the huge benefits of binary options over other such trading platforms is that you get a payout even if the asset price moves 0.001 in your predicted direction. Thus, it makes it easy for traders to make huge money out of this market when different markets ranges. 

If you are still not sure about the idea of trading binary options, here are a few points that will change your mind. 

  • Easy to Learn

Even if you have never traded binary options, you don’t have to worry about learning the concepts because you can easily understand everything. Some traders might say that learning binary options is difficult, but that’s not true. 

You can easily understand how different binary options trading charts work. Besides this, you can also figure out how trading indicators work. And lastly, by enrolling yourself in a good course, you can learn about the basics of binary options. 

With this information, you can quickly make an accurate prediction. And then, you can decrease the possibility of losing a trade. 

  • You can Earn Profit in No Time

One interesting thing about binary options trading is that you don’t have to wait for a long time to earn a huge payout. On the basis of selected assets and considering your trading strategy, you can select an expiry time. 

Different trading brokers allow different kinds of expiry times, but most of them start with 1 minute and go up to a year. So, for any given trade, if you select the expiry time of 1 minute, that means you can earn profit in less than a minute. 

  • This Market Does Not Require Higher Investment 

For trading binary options, you don’t need a huge amount of money. That’s because you can operate most trades at as little as $1. Even at this much-traded amount, you can expect a payout of around $0.90. 

  • Returns are Fixed

Another interesting thing about trading binary options is that returns are fixed. That means, for any amount you are trading, you can expect a payout of around 70% to 95%. 

The percentage of payout that you get generally depends on the volatility of the assets you are trading. If the volatility is high, you can expect a high return. Otherwise, you will win an average payout. 

Besides volatility, the percentage of payout also depends on the movement of an asset’s price. The more the price moves in the predicted direction, the better payout trader can expect. 

  • Maximum You Can Lose is How Much You Have Invested

If your speculations are not correct, you will lose the money. But the amount that you will lose will not be more than the amount that you have traded. That means, along with returns, your losses are also fixed. 

It is generally advised to trade around 1% to 2% of the amount in the bank account. That’s because this way, traders can experience the world of binary options without putting their financial freedom at risk. 

  • A Wide Range of Strategies

Binary options are one of the few trading markets that involve different kinds of trading strategies. As a result, you can do quick research to understand trading techniques. And based on the techniques, you can develop strategies. 

Why are Binary Options getting popular? 

Binary options have been traded for a long time, but it was only in 2008 that this trading platform became available for common people. Before this year, only reputed businessmen and wealthy professionals were allowed to trade binary options. 

Once binary options became a publicly tradable platform, it has emerged as one of the first choices of traders. A few things that favor binary options include fixed returns, fixed loss, trusted brokers, easy concept, and high payout. 

If you are a binary options trader, you might know why this trading platform is popular. But if you don’t know anything about this platform, you can read below to expand your knowledge. 

It’s simple

If you don’t want to confuse yourself by trading on a difficult platform, the binary options market is just for you. This simple-to-understand platform does not require you to have deep knowledge of binary options. 

With just the basics of binary options, you are all good to go. However, to start trading the right way, you need to find a trusted broker. 

Low investment 

Where most trading platforms require a trader to invest a huge amount, binary options let the trader start making huge money with low investment. Most options are available to be traded at around $1. 

Higher returns

There is no other trading platform like binary options that offers a payout of up to 95%. Also, there is a limited time for every trade. That means, with accurate speculations, you can win a high payout in no time. 

So, if you don’t want to wait for a long time and end the trade in less than a minute or hour, choose binary options for trading your money in the volatile market. 

What is Binary Options broker?

If you want to trade binary options, you must take the help of a broker. In simple terms, a binary options broker can be seen as a simplified way of buying and selling binary options products. 

Binary options broker makes it easy to trade in this volatile market. But finding a broker is not as easy as it seems. Why, you might wonder? That’s because, with the popularity of binary options, the number of fraud brokers has also increased. 

But don’t worry because there is one thing you can do to mark yourself safe from the attack of fraud brokers. Here we have listed some tips that you can go through to easily check the authenticity of the broker. 

Know whether broker is regulated

Lately, fraudsters have started taking over the binary options trading world. But one thing that separates fake brokers from authentic binary options trading brokers is the regulations.

Unlike authentic brokers, scamming binary options platforms are not regulated by any trusted authority. Unfortunately, that means they are not regulated. 

If you want to limit the possibility of getting scammed in this volatile market, you should choose a regulated broker because such trading brokers are more trustworthy. 

Read Terms and Conditions

Reading terms and conditions sounds too overwhelming, but this way, you can save yourself from making a terrible mistake. Once you have read the long and boring terms of a booking website, you can understand whether the platform is worth working with or not. 

Consider the experience

A trading platform that has been operating for a long time is less likely to scam people. It’s a general rule that if a broker is more experienced, it’s more trustworthy. 

That’s because if a broker has been successfully rendering its services for a long time, that shows the broker is reliable, and also that it keeps the traders satisfied with its services. 

But if a broker has recently entered the market, you should think twice before working with it. If under given circumstances, you have to work with a new broker, do not forget to check the offered services and other important features. 

Trading tools

If the trading broker is authentic, they would care about their client’s welfare. That’s why trusted trading brokers always provide the best trading tools to their registered traders. 

They do this because their main aim is to make a profit and help the registered traders make wise decisions. By using the given tools, you, as a trader can easily identify the price movement of different assets like indices, stocks, currencies, and commodities. 

Demo accounts 

Certain trusted binary options brokers offer a demo account so that traders can practice and get a closer view of the real binary options trading world. 

Practicing in demo accounts is very important, especially for new traders. That’s because such an account allows traders to get an actual trading experience. 

Check withdrawal and deposit options 

If you don’t want to work with a trading platform that has ridiculous withdrawal and deposit options, always check the deposit and withdrawal options

Certain binary options brokers have set a limit. That means you cannot without or deposit below an amount that has been set. If you face any issues in understanding the withdrawal and deposit options, you can reach out to the customer team of the trading platform. 

Consider if broker offers support

Another thing that speaks for the authenticity of the broker is the kind of support that it offers. For example, if the broker provides 24/7 support via phone and email, that means the broking platform cares for its registered traders. 

Besides this, you must also check the kinds of assets that the brokers offer for trading. If the broker does not offer a familiar asset, you can drop the idea of working with it. 

By looking for these things, you can keep yourself safe from falling into the trap of crooked brokers. 

What is IQ Option trading? 

Founded in 2013, IQ Option is one of the trusted trading platforms helping traders invest their money in the highly volatile binary options market. This trustworthy platform is registered and regulated by a reliable organization. 

IQ Option is designed to make it easy for people to trade their money in binary options by limiting the risk. This platform has made different trading assets available for traders like forex, stocks, commodities, and indices. Majorly, this platform is best for trading CFDs. 

This platform is based in Cyprus and has developed its range of trading instruments. IQ Option is comparatively a new platform, but it has developed a good reputation among traders for offering reliable services. 

The user-friendly interface of IQ Option makes it easy for traders to use it on mobile phones and desktops. The trading tools offered by this platform include economic calenders, historic quotes, multi-chart layouts, stock screeners, technical analysis, market updates, and volatility alerts. 

One thing that has made IQ Option so popular among traders is its friendly customer service. To simplify the trading process, this platform offers its services in around 13 languages.  

IQ Options accepts traders from around 213 countries. Not to mention that around 1 million transaction takes places on this platform every day. So, if you are impressed with the features of IQ Options, get yourself registered with it today and give a rating here. 

How to start trading with IQ Option?

If you want to start a trade with IQ Option, the first thing you need to do is create your account. For doing this, you are required to visit the main page of IQ Option’s website. After that, you must fill in the necessary information. Once you are done, you can use this platform. 

Before starting the trade, IQ Options requires every trader to make a small deposit of amount $10. This deposit amount is one of the lowest amounts charged by any broker. After depositing the required amount, you also get access to a demo account where you can practice using dummy money. 

Not just the deposit amount is way cheaper but the process of depositing the money is also quite simple. You can make a quick deposit using a debit or credit card, Neteller, Skrill, and other e-wallets. 

Other fees charged by IQ Option 

When you are trading with IQ Option, you are also required to pay a withdrawal amount. Now, the withdrawal amount is not set by the broker. Instead, it depends on the method that you are using to withdraw your money. 

No matter what withdrawal method you select, you cannot withdraw money less than $3 because IQ Option cannot process that withdrawal amount. 

Talking about the trading and transaction fees, IQ Option does not charge any kind of transaction fees. But this platform surely charges inactivity fees if your account is not used for 90 days or more. 

Another highlight of using IQ Option is that it does not charge maintenance fees or any other kind of minor fees. 

Most traders who register themselves with IQ Option get access to the standard trading account. But once the total deposit in any account goes beyond $3000, this platform upgrades the trading account of that trader to a VIP account. 

The benefits of a VIP account include getting a chance to trade in a high-yield asset that can make around 91% profit. 

Is IQ Option profitable?

IQ Option is surely a profitable platform that can take you one step closure to getting financial independence. But it’s possible only when you have a detailed trading strategy. If you don’t have a winning trading strategy, you will lose a huge amount of money. 

Another thing that can help you reduce the odds of losing is knowing the asset you are trading. If you know your asset, i.e., if you are familiar with its movement, nature, and volatility, you can easily predict its price movement. And just like that, you can make a winning trade. 

Is it safe to trade with IQ Option? 

Before you start trading with IQ Option, you must find an answer to whether trading with this platform is safe or not? Fortunately, this platform is safe to use. We are saying this because this broker offers its trading services in around 213 countries. That means IQ Options has around 40 million clients. 

Advantages and disadvantages of IQ Option

Just like any other trading platform, IQ Option also has certain limitations and advantages. So, before you register with this platform, make sure that you are aware of them. 


  • This trading platform charges a minimum deposit fee of $10. 
  • After registering yourself with the IQ Option, you also get a free demo account. 
  • You can start trade with as minimum as $1. 
  • It is one of the best platforms in the market. 
  • Different trading strategies can be used for this platform. 
  • Lastly, it offers free training programs. 


  • As compared to other trading platforms, IQ Option offers limited assets. 
  • Bank transfer has around 50 USD fees. 
  • Binary options contracts for trade are limited. 

Alternatives to IQ Option

If you are not impressed by the services of IQ Option or simply searching for a different trading platform, here are a few alternatives for you to decide. 

#1 365Trading

If you don’t want to risk your money by trading with a non-registered platform, 365Trading should be your choice. This platform is based in Cyprus and registered with CySEC. It was founded in 2012, and it happily accepts the traders of the EU. 

However, if you are a resident of the US, this trading platform is not for you. One interesting thing about this trading platform is that it uses in-house software that keeps up the privacy and safety of registered traders. 

#2 Ayrex

Another popular binary options trading platform that you can choose is the Ayrex. This platform is based in the UK and has its application pending with CySEC. It offers around 70 assets for trading, but it does not accept the traders of the U.S.

To start trading with Ayrex, you need to make a small deposit of $25. One thing that makes this trading platform better than the rest is its instant withdrawal option. Also, this platform is mostly used by short-term traders. 


Another trading platform that you can trust without any second thought is This trading platform is regulated in the British Isles, Ireland, UK, and Malta. To start trading with this platform, you need to make a minimum deposit of $5. offers support in 12 languages. Also, it offers a virtual money account to traders. Lastly, this platform supports different tools and indicators that you can use to increase your chances of winning. 

#4 BinaryMate

The last alternative to IQ Option is BinaryMate. This platform is UK-registered and follows strict financial regulations. When trading binary options using this account, you can expect a payout of around 90%. 

While BinaryMate is an excellent trading platform, its only downside is high deposit money. To start trading with this platform, you need to make a deposit of $250. 


Binary options is a legal and trusted market where several traders invest their money. With accurate market information, one can quickly make a winning trade. But if the predictions are not correct, you can easily lose all the traded amount. 

Among the available binary options trading platforms, IQ Options is trusted by many. That’s because this platform has a low deposit fee, which is affordable. Besides this, the platform also offers different tools that make trading easy. 

While trading with IQ Option, you can expect a payout of around 95%. Also, you can start the trade with as little as $1. Not to mention, this platform offers different features and tools like candlesticks, charts, lines, and historic analysis. 

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