Pocket Option tutorial: How to trade step by step

Digital brokers are shattering the trading industry with their accessibility of numerous assets as well as fantastic trading features. Gembell created this platform, which has become the leading platform for trading digitally.

pocket option tutorial

Therefore, this article will pose as the Pocket Option Trading Tutorial for all those novice traders who are scouring the internet to find a proper tutorial for using Pocket Option as a broker. We will talk about the start of trading with important procedures like the registration and verification process, money deposit/withdrawal method, as well as the benefits of trading with the Pocket Option.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How to use Pocket Option? – Step-by-step tutorial

In the following section, we will show you how to trade Binary Options through Pocket Option. All you need is to register an account with the binary options broker. We also recommend having an investment strategy you can stick to.

pocket option high low

It takes five steps to open your first trade.

Step #1: Keep an eye on the market

You must be fully informed about the financial instrument you are trading with to be a successful trader. If you do that, you can find the best trading setups and increase the chance of winning your trades. Also, be patient – don’t panic if anything doesn’t work the way you want.

You have to understand how Binary Options work to find the best trades.

How to use Pocket Option
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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Step #2: Know your market

One of the most fundamental things to be a successful trader is to know the market you want to trade in. It may take a lot of time to get familiar with Binary Options (step #1) and this step, but it’s important. To choose your market, you have two options.

  • Time duration

Markets in Binary Options are all structured the same way. They are based on how long they last. This is how long a contract runs at the market.

pocket option time

Not every market has the same time for these time contracts. It differs from market to market, especially in the urgency of that market. The time durations last from some seconds up to a couple of days.

  • Your interest

The second method to know which market you want to trade in is to follow your interests.

pocket option assets

Maybe you are already an experienced crypto trader, so this may be the market of your choice. Follow your interests and it leads you to your preferred market type.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Step #3: Call a price and trade duration

Once you have chosen your favorite market, you can start to trade. The third step is to call a price and trade duration. Select both in the marked area.

pocket option time duration

Have you set a time and amount? You can proceed to step four now.

Step #4: Trade

You can place your trade now. Select if the asset price moves up or down in your chosen time duration.

pocket option high low

Placing a trade means that you are either going for a call or a put. A call (higher) means the price is going up, and a put (lower) means the price will drop.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Step #5: Watch as the trade time elapses

The last step is to wait. If you are right and the time of your trade expires, you’ll get your payout. If you are wrong, all your money is gone.

Tipps on how to trade on Pocket Option successfully

While trading is already a tricky job, you can still earn profits and be successful at your trades without many risks. So let us talk about the possible ways of trading successfully at the Pocket Option:

  • Bonuses

With an initial deposit bonus of 50%, the Pocket Option allows a bonus on your very first deposit on the live account. However, the higher the investment amount, the more the bonus will be. However, you cannot withdraw this bonus amount until you start trading from that live account.


The only deal with this broker is that you should trade first to receive your bonus with the original deposit amount.

  • Signals & Indicators

The Pocket Option offers indicators and market signals that inform you whenever there is a rise in asset price or a fall in the value of an asset. These especially help you earn money and save your own money from loss. 

  • Price money through achievements

You can even win achievements by trading and crossing several experience levels. Your achievements can also win you $50,000 as prize money along with some benefits like a payout bonus, trading funds, etc. You may even get some trading benefits that can aid your everyday trading sessions.

  • Social trading

With this feature, you can mimic the trading strategies of other successful traders and investors to make profits from their trading strategies. In addition, novices can monitor their trading strategies and match with experienced traders to get the best out of all these practices.

pocket option broker
  • Tournaments 

Tournaments are basically encouraged by the Pocket Option to bring some motivation and enthusiasm to their clients by setting up rewards and prices. It may be confused with social trading, but here, you need to participate in tournaments set on a particular timeframe to win some prizes or rewards and establish your reputation among other traders.

What is Pocket Option?

In 2017, Pocket Option started trading in binary options and created a very reliable base for itself that has made its name. The account creation process is quite easy, and you can trade from this platform whether you’re a new or experienced trader.

They provide trading options for people across the world with accessible instruments and assets along with a choice in payment methods for everyone. Their headquarters are located on Ajeltake Island in Majuro, Republic of Marshal Islands.

They are known to have really high payouts, i.e., a high return on investment along with a 50% bonus on the first deposit amount, where you can earn a minimum trade amount of $1.


It is under the regulation of the IFMRRC, i.e., the International Financial Market Relations Regulations center, which is an independent financial firm. There is an option of opening a demo account also where you can get the best trading practice with the live market. 

However, in the case of a real account, you need to deposit a minimum of $50, where the Pocket Option provides you with a 50% bonus as extrinsic motivation.

Registration process explained:

Pocket Option registration is a crucial part of the whole trading process. Before you can start trading from the platform, you must register on the platform by following an easy process mentioned below:

  • Open the Pocket Option website and click on the “start in one click” option.
  • You will be directed to the main Pocket Option demo trading account, where you must click the ‘Continue demo trading’ option. The demo account comes with $10,000, which poses as virtual money that you can practice trading with.
  • Save the trading results and click on ‘registration’ to form the Pocket Option account to go to your real account.
pocket option registration

When signing up, you can use your Facebook ID, email address as well as Google account and create a login password. Similarly, registering in smartphones with Android and iOS systems is easy too. However, your email ID should be functional and should not be an idle account as it can look suspicious.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Verification process

To prove your identity as a verified trader, you must provide your official documents and start the procedure through four methods: email address, ID proofs, Address as well as verification through bank cards.


You can verify your live Pocket Option account with the confirmation mail sent to the registered email address. The confirmation mail consists of a link that sends you directly to the demo account page, meaning that your email has been verified.


This is probably the quickest way of verifying your account. You can also request the link again on the customer support email ID if you did not receive the link the first time.

ID proof

This process starts after you have entered your name and address for registering on the Pocket Option site. If you register through ID proof, then you should add the ID proof scanned documents such as a passport, driver’s license, or an ID card. All you have to do is locate the option on the profile page and track your document uploading status from the ‘identity status’ option.

pocket option verification

Your account can go live only after the Pocket Option verification request is accepted and your documents are verified. This is done to keep the customer’s information safe and secure, with the broker platform proving its legitimacy.

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(Risk warning: Trading is risky)

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(Risk warning: Trading is risky)


The verification process is the same, even though you need to upload a scanned copy of your address proof. Documents such as bank statements, utility bills, and address certificates are accepted by Pocket Option. The request gets accepted only after the documents are uploaded over the site.

Bank card

You must use the same debit/credit card that you will be using for the initial deposit by simply going to the Profile page and uploading the scanned copies of your card from both sides.

However, you should hide the CVV number on the back and your card number on the front.

You can check the process of the upload request because you can use the account only after it is verified.

How to deposit money in the Pocket Option?

Deposit on Pocket Option is an essential part of trading as this is the capital investment that will kick start the whole trading process. Without putting an initial deposit in your account on any broker platform, you cannot trade.

pocket option deposit

You can use various modes to pay the deposit amount, but it will remain the same until your account stays, and withdrawals will only come through the same method. You can pay the deposit through methods such as VISA, MasterCard, cryptocurrency, electronic payment, wire transfer, etc. 

There is a separate Pocket Option bonus percentage available for deposits and has the most effective payout option as well. You can also compare your trading profile with experienced traders to learn and adjust your strategy for a successful trade.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How to withdraw money at Pocket Option?

Withdrawing money is not difficult, and you can withdraw it only after a certain amount of trade has been made on the real account. The procedure for withdrawal is almost the same as the deposit procedure, which means that you will have to use the payment method that you deposited money in the first place.

Pocket Option withdrawal option

The Pocket Option does not charge any withdrawal or commission fees, and you only have to make ten trades before withdrawing money from the account. 

On a serious note, a demo account is just a practice account, and the money you receive with it is virtual. Moreover, you cannot use the funds as real money or transfer it to your bank account, and the money that you win while practicing on the demo account is fake as well.

Conclusion: Pocket Option trading tutorial

Pocket Option is the smoothest brokerage platform that presents clients with multiple asset ranges: cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, and stocks. There are also unique features presented with this platform, such as copy trading strategies or social trading, Pocket Option indicators, and technical signals, along with charts and educative material, which can come in handy while trading through this binary options broker.

pocket option 60 seconds trading

The basic steps of trading through the Pocket Option are easy; register > login > demo account > trading practice > set market signals and indicators > win/lose trade > withdraw money in case of a successful trade.

However, clients should always learn to control their urges and never invest their total savings into trading at the beginning, as it may incur severe losses as well. Moreover, you could seriously get addicted to this practice.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Most asked questions about trading with Pocket Option:

How to trade 60-second trades on Pocket Option?

You have to choose the asset you want to trade first. Then, on the right side, you will find the trading panel where you can choose the expiration time of the trade. Choose 1 minute (60 seconds). Then, make the forecast of the price and place your trade. After 60 seconds, the trade is over, and you made a profit or loss.

What is the minimum trade amount on Pocket Option?

The minimum trade amount on Pocket Option is $ 1.

Does Pocket Option offer a free practice account?

Yes, Pocket Option offers a free practice account (demo account) with virtual money. You get an account balance of $ 10,000, and you can top it up any time you want.

Can I lose money when trading on Pocket Option?

Yes, you can lose your whole investment amount on Pocket Option. All-or-nothing digital options contracts are offered to trade. That means you can lose the investment amount or earn a high return of up to 95%. You can not go into dept on the platform; you can only lose what you deposited on Pocket Option.

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