Expiration Time of Binary Options | Definition & Types

The expiration time in binary options trading refers to the moment at which a trade is completed and determines whether it has resulted in a profit or a loss. Failure to choose an accurate expiration time can make you lose all your invested money. 

Once the expiration time is selected, you can wait till the option expires. Then you can know whether you have lost the bet or earned someone’s investment. 

Different binary options asset has different expiry times. Therefore, you can understand the binary option’s expiry time by analyzing the market. 

Expiration Time in Binary Options in a nutshell

  • Expiration time in binary options marks trade completion for profit or loss.
  • Key factors affecting expiration include trading news and indicators.
  • Types: short (30-300 seconds), medium (5 minutes to several hours), and long-term (days to years).
  • Matching expiration with chart timeframes ensures synchronized trades with market movements.

Key elements influencing the Expiration Time

A couple of things like trading news and indicators influence the expiration time. So, before you start trading, read the current financial news to know what’s happening in the options market. 

You should also read the binary options charts carefully before selecting an expiration time to avoid costly mistakes. 

Types of Expiration Times for Binary Options

Here are three types of expiration times you can choose from, depending on the binary options broker and the trading assets. 

Short Expiry Times

It starts from 30 seconds and goes up to 300 seconds. With a short expiry time, you can leave the market in just a few minutes. It is available for limited types of assets. 

Medium Expiry Times

The expiry time applies universally to all asset classes and can extend over several hours. Medium expiry times vary between 5 minutes and several hours. The most common expiry times are 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours and apply to all types of binary options.

Long-term Expiry Times 

Long-term expiry times allow you to trade with long-term predictions and range from anywhere between a few days to weeks, months and years. You can choose this expiry time for high/low options. 

Types of Expiries

In binary options trading, there are two types of expiries. 

Deadline Expiries 

Deadline expiries are the time limit by which a trade ends and your predictions come true. It is mainly used in boundary options and touch options binary trading.

Confirmation Expiries

Confirmation expires is the time limit when a trade ends, and the broker compares actual market performance and the trader’s prediction. It is used in ladder options and High/Low options.

How to find the right expiration time for Binary Trading?

A simple yet effective approach is to align the expiration time with the chart timeframe you’re using for analysis. This ensures that your trades are synchronized with the market’s movements, increasing the likelihood of favorable outcomes in Binary Trading.

Common time frames in binary options

Here’s a breakdown of common time frames to guide your decision-making process:

  • Short-Term (60 seconds to 5 minutes): This option is perfect for traders looking for quick results and fast changes in the market.
  • Medium-Term (5 minutes to 1 hour): This option offers a balanced approach. It ranges from 5 minutes to 1 hour, giving traders some time to analyze market dynamics while still keeping an eye on shorter-term price movements.
  • Long-Term (1 hour to daily or weekly): For those who prefer a more relaxed trading style, long-term options are the way to go. This timeframe allows for thorough market analysis and helps protect against the fluctuations of short-term volatility.


Choosing an accurate expiration time can be daunting. But you can make this process easy by keeping an eye on the news trends. Also, you can learn the basics of binary options trading to manage the expiration time. 

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