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Binomo is a trending online trading platform for binary options traders. This platform is going viral for its exceptional services, features, and several user comments on the internet. Binomo offers a straightforward and convenient trading platform where a trade can be started with just a dollar investment.

The demo account is the best way to learn trading with Binomo. You can test the platform for free.

Many Binary Options sites and even some experts all believe that success in binary trading is dependent on the trader’s level of experience and education of the market participant. There is no such thing as a problem attached to education concerning binary trading. Many brokers provide several educational schemes, but since education is a concern, this could be a bit complicated.

Many potential traders out there or beginners may not have enough to undergo the training to acquire the experience of binary trading in practical by trading live. Actually, this might not be so reasonable because the trader might not be able to begin the learning process or the profit that could be made from this process.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

What is the Binomo platform? – Overview:

Fortunately, the recent appearance of the Binomo training simulator in the binary market has made the learning process simpler than usual. Just by registering a Binomo demo account with the broker, a user, even a beginner can be opportune to access the full tools for trading for free.

On this platform, live cash can be earned every week. The minimum deposit amount is on the platform is $10. However, newbies can practice trading without a coach with the aid of a demo trading account. Note that one can make credit into the account and switch over to a live trading account from a demo trading account.

The Binomo platform is trusted because it is well-modulated and authorized. Also, the amount of trading assets is limited. One can improve trading on Binomo by partaking in the free demo account made available for all intending users. Traders can earn cool cash on rises and falls in the asset price. Aside from the demo account made available, one can choose an account type based on the trading experience and knowledge.

Also mobile trading is available

From participating in the trading tournaments on the Binomo platform, one can double their earnings. There are different price tags attached to various trading tournaments; the Binomo company orchestrates these. Binomo company has provided quality tutorial videos in the educational section to help investors and traders know the rudiment of the platform.

The Binomo platform accepts traders across the globe except in few countries such as Pakistan, the USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, and EU countries.

There are equally live support teams that can be reached via live chats with almost 17 different languages. For those who love traveling a lot, trading on Binomo could be the easiest for them. It can be traded from any angle or part of the globe except in the above-listed countries. All the trading tools are made available on the Binomo trading app. But it has been discovered that many expert traders prefer their trading on desktop computers. Get familiar with the platform by reading further about the Binimo demo account and start trading as soon as you can to join the earners.

Facts about the company:

  • Regulated and safe platform
  • Minimum deposit 10$
  • Free demo account
  • Educational service
  • High yield up to 90%
  • Support 24/7 in different languages

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How to use the Binomo demo account

A demo account is an illustration of a real trading account. It is known as the perfect field for training before upgrading to a real live trading account. The demo trading account is an avenue to carry out deep practice on all the features available on the platform without spending a dime. One can fill up a demo account with virtual money of up to $1,000 all for free at any given time. There is access to all the tools, study assets, and practice strategies present on the live trading platform.

The demo account will teach a beginner how to manage trading capital. This is just the best training ever that can be offered to a beginner before starting the live trade – all for free. One other thing is that there is an unlimited Binomo demo account for anyone that wants to come on the platform.

Demo account balance

Using the Binomo demo account is not complicated. However, generally in Binary Options, traders need to forecast the future price to make good profits. On the Binomo platform, there is a call button and put button that indicates the buy option and the sell option simultaneously. If a trader suggests that the price of an asset will shoot up, then he hits on the call button. Also, the trader hits on the put button if he foresees that the price of an asset will go down.

Make a forecast of the markets

Step by step tutorial: 

  1. Choose one of more than 100 markets on the platform
  2. Make an analysis and forecast of the market
  3. Choose the expiry time of the option
  4. Choose your investment amount for the trade
  5. Invest in rising or falling prices (call or put)

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Binary Options in detail:

The Binomo demo platform has the features available on live accounts too and can show you the same on how to see which price is going up or not. There are several trading tools on the demo account that will take you through the strategy on how to predict the rise and fall of asset prices. Note that there is a clear difference between options trading and binary options trading. For a better understanding, see the next paragraph.

In options trading, this is the most regular trading method. In this type of trading, a trader does not need to follow any process. While in binary options trading, there are laid down trading steps for earning. Also, in binary options, there is a fixed percentage for the payoff.

Order Mask

As a newbie, the Binomo demo account can be downloaded on your device or access the web-based platform directly from a computer. Both methods will give you the same knowledge and experience required to start a trade confidently on the platform. To run the demo account, even the live trading account, you need to have a steady internet connection. Though you will be able to operate a demo account conveniently from the desktop platform, notwithstanding, the mobile app is still the preferred choice for many.

Open the Binomo Demo Account for free

The demo account, just as explained in the previous paragraph, only permits trading with virtual money. Note that one cannot withdraw from a virtual account.

Opening a demo account is very easy. Unlike other brokers, all you need to do is go on the site and fill out a quick registration form. All that is needed are your email address and personal details. Then, you have to click to accept the terms of the client agreements and privacy policy. Immediately after that, the brokerage will register your demo account. Again, you don’t have to make any deposits or payment on the demo account. The user will automatically have full access to all the features and the training trading platform with any issue.


Use the following form to register your free account: 

Registration is within splits of seconds, though this is dependent on your internet connection. You need a fast internet connection for this process. Immediately after registration, the account will get credited with a virtual fund of $1,000. After this, you can go ahead to start your practice and test the platform as long as you like. Now you can happily trade on your Binomo demo account. If you have mastered the trade, and learn how to use all the features, then you can switch to the real trading account.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Why do you should use the Binomo demo account?

There are several advantages of starting with a demo account. Every beginner is to pass through this process before they can start investing real money to avoid loss and complications. Also, the demo account is a platform where advanced traders can improve on their skills, learn new strategies and develop new methods of trading new assets. This is how to trade in Binomo without encountering any risk. Try to gain more knowledge about the Binomo platform via the demo account.

Many beginners out there want to try the financial products on the platform. So, it is imperative to practice on the demo account first, because trading binary options can be a precarious platform if care is not taken. A wrong forecast can lead to a considerable loss though the risk is limited to the number of bets placed. This is a considerable advantage compared to some other financial products available on the market.

  • Learn to use the trading platform
  • Practice trading
  • Try out new strategies or markets
  • Educate yourself

Final review of the Binomo Demo account: Helpful tool

The Binomo demo account review has created a trend in Binary Options trading over the internet. It is not hidden, just a search on the internet will expose all the positive reviews placed on different sites. Though the official sites have been faced with some specific technical issues at the earlier stage. But that didn’t last for long before it was resolved and gained the Binomo platform gained its balance after that. Among some of the reviews from customers, it was noted again that the demo account is completely free and one can use the report for as long as the person wants to – it is an unlimited free Binomo demo account.

Even when money is lost, it can be recapitalized in a single click. Also, it takes just a few seconds to switch accounts from demo to live trading platforms. Every good binary options provider offers an absolutely free demo account and makes it unlimited for every user. So far, Binomo has been recognized as one of the best Binary Options Brokers available.

Traders are recommending the practice account:

Another lovely Binomo demo account review from a user on the platform states that the Binomo demo account has been considered to have indisputable advantages. According to the user, it is worth noting that the Bonomo demo account is the current version of the simulator for Binary Options with a full percentage of the company’s original trading platform. Meaning that the original trading platform or terminal is used to train, while virtual money is used for trading, and this is just one of the distinguishing differences from other kinds of demo accounts on the market. The Binomo demo account permits a full evaluation of its capabilities.

With the Binomo trading account, a trader or a beginner has already commenced the learning exercise once the account registration is completed. An interactive step-by-step guide and tutorials are made available on the first page. This coaches the user on how to make use of the platform and the tools on the binary options contracts.

A novice can get full information in a smart and straightforward format on the fundamental principle of trading on the market, and they can quickly get used to the root functionality of the platform.

Many users are so excited about the easy access that traders receive to the whole range of trading tools and features and not different from all the tools available on the real trading account. Each interested user or participant has a training demo account with $1000 that can be used to gain trading experience and gather more knowledge.

Furthermore, the broker is not limited to the $1000 in the demo account. If the original virtual funds get exhausted, the market participant can top up the demo account with one click either through the app or a web-based site. Topping up of the account is not limited. This is an unlimited Binomo demo account. This makes it easy to fully tour all the intricacies of the procedures of binary trading on the platform.

One indisputable review, which is also an advantage of using the demo account is the probability of your strategy without making a single deposit from your pocket. Using virtual money on the Binomo demo account, users can evaluate the potency of a particular strategy and improve on the plan all for free. It is very convenient to operate. The trader has the chance to use the set of technical tools and platform indicators to test with contract expiration ranges and also select an underlying asset for trading with multiple options of payouts.

Conclusion: The Binomo Demo Account is perfect for any trader

In conclusion, by using the Binomo demo account, newbies can get used to the platform interface, and the opportunity for increasing the effectiveness of trading and informational backup to make good profits. So, get on the Binomo platform today to try out the demo account and see for yourself. When you must have finally mastered the act on the demo platform, you can at your convenience switch over to the real trading platform. Remember to contact Binomo customer support if you are experiencing any difficulty.

The Binomo demo account is the best way for beginners and advanced traders to improve their trading skills.

(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

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