The best Binomo trading strategies for traders

Binary options trading is risky, but you can decrease risk by entering the market through a reliable trading platform. Among the available trading platforms, Binomo is trusted by many.


You will not get scammed when trading via this binary options broker. That’s because this platform has transparent terms and conditions. Traders can read the terms to understand how this platform works. 

This innovative platform is designed for both beginners and professionals. Its easy-to-understand interface does not create confusion. Thus, the chances of losing a further trade decrease. Binomo is available in a browser version as well as an Binomo app version. Read this article to find out what the best Binomo trading strategies are.

More about Binomo

Binomo was founded in 2014 by a company called Dolphin Corp. It is popular in certain countries, including India, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and Vietnam. Unfortunately, traders from the UK and USA. cannot trade through this broker. 

Compared to other trading platforms, this one is used by many traders. Roughly, Binomo has around 887, 470 active traders with 30,00,000 successful trades per week.

Binomo binary options

Besides a better user interface, this platform is also known for offering demo account services. After registering yourself with Binomo, you get $1,000 dummy money. You can use this money to make demo trades. This way, you can get an idea of how this platform works. 

If you think that this trading platform can help you get one step closer to your trading goals, register yourself with it and start trading. But before doing that, you must know about its trading strategies, fees, and account types.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Why you should trade through Binomo

Binomo is a popular trading platform that lets you start your binary options trading journey with as little as $10. You can expect a maximum payout of around 90% by investing this small amount

Once you have deposited the minimum amount and have verified your account, trade starts at $1. That means trading with Binomo does not require you to spend a fortune. 

Below are a few more reasons that show why trading through Binomo makes sense. 

Robust demo account 

Just like other trading platforms, Binomo also offers a demo account. But the difference here is that this binary options broker also offers a few helpful trading tools. You can take the help of tools to explore the global market without worrying about losing money. 

This demo account is a convenient way of learning and understanding the binary options market. With just one click, you can make quick demo trades. Once you are comfortable making trades, you are free to use real money for actual trades. 

Binomo demo account

A point to note here is that if you win or lose any trade while trading with a demo account, it will not affect your bank account or trading profile. Dummy trades are designed so that traders can get a real trading feeling before entering the market. 

Weekend trading 

While Binomo offers slightly fewer assets for trading than other binary options platforms, it allows trading during weekends. No matter what available asset you choose to trade through Binomo, you can continue trading it throughout the week. 

It means that you are never staying off the market. So, you never really miss any interesting trading opportunities. Thus, you can earn better payouts. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Responsive customer support

During registration or trading, if you have any issues, you can directly reach out to the customer care team of Binomo. This platform has made live chat in different languages available on its website. Through live chat, you can expect a quick response. 

But if you think that your issue does not require immediate attention, you can drop an email stating your queries.

Binomo live chat

Start trading with $1

Binomo has kept an affordable deposit amount, and it also does not require traders to pay a huge amount to start a trade. After registration, you can start trading any available asset by investing $1

Then depending on the volatility of the asset’s price, market’s nature, and the accuracy of your assumption, you can expect a better payout. 

Multi payment option 

Binomo is one of the few binary options trading platforms that support multiple payment options. It makes it easy for the users of different countries to make quick deposits and easily withdraw money.

The diverse payment methods include e-wallet, bank cards, bank transfers, and other possible means.

Binomo offers also a variety of bonuses.

Account type 

Binomo is a trusted trading platform that offers three different types of accounts. These account types help traders reach their trading goals. 

For instance, by making a small deposit of $10, you can verify your identity and get access to a Standard account. Here, you get access to basic features. You can further upgrade your account type to Gold by depositing $500 to your account. 

With a Gold account, you get a chance to trade from more than 40 available assets. Also, you get access to a manager. That means there is someone to assist your account.

Binomo vip status

And lastly, you can deposit $1000 to get a chance to use a VIP account. This premium account is designed for people passionate about binary options trading. 

While depositing or withdrawing money from any of these accounts, you are not required to pay any payment fees. But the third party through which you are facilitating the payment might want you to pay a small amount. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Simple steps to successful trading on Binomo 

To become successful on Binomo, you can follow seven simple steps. These steps will limit your loss and increase your profitability. 

Step #1 System 

Whether you are an experienced trader or entering the market for the first time, you need to trade systematically. That means you should use the right trading strategy and accurately predict the market to succeed. 

Step #2 Account balance 

Not many traders know that the higher the account balance is, the easier it gets to trade in the future. Here’s a simple example. Let’s assume that you have $50 in your trading account and you recently lost a trade, which cost you $10. It means that your loss is 20%.

But if you had $500 in your account, then a loss of $10 would have become 2% of your total balance. You can easily cover up this loss by making a better and bigger prediction. 

Step #3 Capital management 

If you don’t have much binary options trading experience, you are advised not to exceed a total balance of 2%. However, if you are experienced, you can trade the way you like. But still, you should not spend the entire money on trading. 

That’s because binary options is an all-or-nothing market. It means if you ever lose a trade, you will end up losing all the money you have invested in that trade. If this happens quite a few times, it can jeopardize your financial independence.

Binomo trade history

Step #4 Limit losses 

Limiting loss in binary options trading is not possible, but you can do it. How, you might ask? Well, by limiting the number of trades you make per day. If you see a continuous increase, it’s better to bring your trading habits under control. That’s because it can lead to overtrading, further making you lose a huge amount of money. 

Step #5 Training 

It’s essential to get the proper training before you enter the market. When you train yourself through different sources, like demo accounts, it helps you have a clear understanding of the binary options market. Also, this way, you will know how the trading platform works. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Step #6 Control your emotions 

If your emotions drive your trading habit, you might want to reconsider things. That’s because trade made out of excitement, boredom, jealousy, and similar feelings only results in a loss. 

It happens because when your emotions drive the trade, you don’t think about following any strategy. And when you don’t follow any strategy, you cannot understand whether the price of an asset will increase or decrease. 

Step #7 Market analysis 

Lastly, if you want to win a trade through Binomo, it’s essential to do a thorough market analysis. Doing this helps you have a clearer idea of the market’s nature. It, in return, helps you understand how to perform. 

Use 60-seconds trade 

If you don’t want to participate in long-term market trading, you can choose to exit the market within one minute via Binomo. The one-minute trading strategy, aka 60 seconds, is designed especially for short-term traders who do not want to wait too long. 

This strategy wants you to decide whether the price of an asset will move up or not in 60 seconds. Seeing the market condition, you can easily make speculations. But the problem here is that understanding the market nature within one minute becomes impossible at certain times.

Binomo 60 seconds

As a result, traders end up losing their invested money. However, the positive side is that the chances of major market movement within 60 seconds are less. That means you can win this trade with proper knowledge, tools, and strategy. 

Conclusion: Binomo trading strategies

Binomo is a trusted binary options trading platform that you can use to start your trading journey. You have to pay a small deposit amount to access the trading account. 

After that, trade in the demo account to get the hang of the platform and market. Then, you can make a trade by using a detailed trading strategy and following the correct trading steps. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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