Quotex vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

Choosing the right trading platform is a serious task if you like to trade online. Recently, online scams are everywhere, whether on the phone, laptop, or computer, and people are scared to invest their money through online websites.

quotex vs. olymp trade

This article is about checking out which trading platform is better for online trading between Quotex and Olymp Trade. Suppose you like to invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies and know about the functions and other details regarding both the trading platforms. In that case, we will give you a detailed comparison between Quotex and Olymp Trade so that you can enjoy your trading and earn more money from it. 

So, let’s get started and check out who wins the battle of Quotex vs. Olymp Trade. 

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About Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a digital trading platform that helps multiply your money with the help of stocks and revise the uncertainty of the market. Olymp Trade offers its users basic functions, like deciding when to raise their investment on stock and when to close their trade.

olymp trade

The function of automated trading is also open in Olymp trade which helps the user seize every possibility to get the right price for your investment even if you are away or not active on the trading. 

There are chances to get high returns on a single investment through Olymp Trade. Here are some of the things that Olymp trade promotes to their users and why users should use Olymp Trade:

  • This platform can perform on different devices. For example, if you log in on the computer, you can also sign up on your mobile through its application.
  • The minimum trade-in Olymp Trade platform is $1, and the security of the website is also tight as the person who logs in with the platform has to go through 2-factor authentication to start the trading. 
  • There are 0% fees on the deposits and 0% charge on any withdrawal. 
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Quotex in detail 

Quotex is a website that supports trading in digital assets and is one of the trusted platforms for all the traders who like to take their stakes online. Quotex is new in the game, so there’s been some difficulty for it to make its place in the market, but that doesn’t mean it is less than any other trading platform website.

Quotex broker

Therefore, when they have to choose the right trading platform, they spend hours finding the right one by searching their reviews and functions. However, it isn’t easy to get the right information until you have the experience by yourself.

Each website developer is specially trained in the trading program and has years of working experience. That’s why; Quotex holds a good position in the market for online trading of stocks and digital assets like cryptocurrency.

 A team makes the website and application with 20 years of experience in trading and development, so as a user, you can see how impressive it is and trustable. Quotex is not only for professionals but also for beginners who like to begin their trading journey from a trusted website.

quotex drawing tools

The users can find around 400 tools in the Quotex so that you don’t have to go anywhere else and start your trading with ease. Different trading options are given, like currency quotes, stocks, major, metals, oil, gas, or the trending cryptocurrency.

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The benefits of using Quotex

There are several benefits when using Quotex as your broker for trading binary options:

  • The website gives full transparency to its members, and the users get only premium quality in everything related to trading. 
  • The users can check the indicators anytime, and it is because of the cooperation of reliable brokers. 
  • The support service of the Quotex is available every day with lightning-fast replies so that any user wouldn’t miss their trade because of any confusion. 
  • It is simple to understand and doesn’t include any fancy system that distracts the customer from the main purpose, i.e., trading. 
  • The signals of the Quotex are 87% accurate, which helps in creating your effective strategy for trading. 
  • Use the most effective trading indicators that help in boosting your account balance. 
  • Quotex is made with advanced technologies. Therefore, it runs at incredible speed and the response time is also better than most trading platforms.
Best binary broker:
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Quotex - Trade with high profits


Quotex - Trade with high profits

  • Accepts international clients
  • Min. deposit $10
  • $10,000 demo
  • Professional platform
  • High profit up to 95% (in case of a correct prediction)
  • Fast withdrawals
(Risk warning: Trading is risky)

Quotex vs. Olymp Trade 

We have seen both trading platform websites, but now it’s time to know which one is more suitable for the trader. You will be aware of these trading platforms, but read this article until the end to get the answer for those new to online trading; read this article till the end to get the answer. 

We have collected some information to help our readers make decisions easily and save their time and effort in finding the right trading platform for day-to-day trading

#1 Platform supported 

Olymp Trade supports different platforms like android, iPhones, iPad, and Saas. On the other hand, Quotex only supports the Saas platform.

olymp trade mobile version

However, it is given on the official website of Quotex that they have developed a new feature in which traders can use the Quotex trading platform as app on their mobiles.

#2 Audience 

Olymp Trade is a website that is best for all traders, whether professional or beginners, as it helps give the necessary details about the trading and improve trading skills. Also, Olymp Trade is entitled to free aid to their users, and if any broker is caught wrongdoing, the trader gets compensation of 20,000 Euros. 

Quotex is good for trading purposes only as this website is only good for online investment and trading. It is not suitable for beginners.

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#3 Support

Both the trading platforms offer great customer support as their helpline stays active for 24 hours and even on holidays.


You will get fast replies to your problems, making your experience good on these trading platforms. 

#4 Payment methods

Quotex gives many options for payment methods in Bitcoin, Credit Card, MasterCard, Neteller, Perfect Money, QIWI, Skrill, Union Pay, Visa, and Webmoney.


Olymp Trade uses Doku Wallet, Skrill, and Yandex Money. 

#5 Alternatives 

Well, it’s always good to have a backup plan, isn’t it? The best alternatives for the Olymp Trade platform are Binary.com, Binomo, Broker IQ, FiNMAX, and Pocket Option. The best alternatives for Quotex are Nadex, Olymp Trade, Expert Option, and IQ Option.

All these alternatives are trusted and licensed trading programs and hold hundreds and thousands of users every day for online trading. 

#6 Categories 

In Olymp Trade, you will find different categories that the website and platform support, like Algorithm Trading, Binary option, and Forex Trading. Not every trading platform is set to practice Forex trading, which gives Olymp Trade a strong point to be above in the game.

olymp trade forex

Quotex also supports the Binary option, which is good for the professionals as they wouldn’t have to go through any other function and focus on one. 

From the above points, you can conclude that both options are good, but it depends on your use. Olymp Trade is the best if you are a beginner and looking to establish your business. 

On the other hand, Quotex is all about professionalism and is good for the traders who like to invest professionally. Quotex comes with limited options but an effective one, so if you are a professional trader looking for a good platform for trading, then Quotex is best for you.

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People’s opinion on Olymp Trade vs. Quotex

Both of these platforms receive positive responses from the users, and they are happy with their functioning. However, the reviews favor Quotex with 4.2 stars and Olymp Trade with 1.5 stars on trusted review websites.

quotex trustpilot

Well, people can have changed opinions, and it’s all depending on the user whether he likes the trading platform for their use or not. You can check out the internet for more reviews and some YouTube videos to learn about their features and working status. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum amount needed for trading in Olymp Trade and Quotex?

In the Olymp Trade trading platform, the user needs a $10 deposit in their account to start the trading, whereas, in Quotex, the minimum deposit is $5 to start the trading. 

What is the percentage of payout in both the trading platforms?

In Olymp Trade, the percentage of payout is up to 90% in the correct forecast, and in Quotex, the percentage of payout is around 98%. 

Are Olymp Trade and Quotex available on mobile?

Yes, you can download Olymp Trade and Quotex on your android devices and iOS from trusted websites and start trading anytime and anywhere. 

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In the battle of Quotex vs. Olymp Trade, it is hard to say who wins, but it is clear that both platforms are best for trading functions and perfect for the users to make money through the trading of stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

Candlestick Chart Quotex
Candlestick Chart Quotex

You can always rely on these trading platforms as both of them offers different functions and benefits to their customers. For profitable trading and results, check out both of them and then decide which one is best according to you.

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