The 6 best Quotex trading strategies for beginners

Binary Options or forex trading has become a popular trading type among investors. This is the process of buying and selling different financial instruments. However, you will need a proper strategy for achieving long-term success!

Such a form of trading requires a lot of practice, and there are many factors that can make this trading very challenging. Quotex is one of the most famous brokers, where a lot of traders want to earn money. But from our experience, we can say that you need to use a profitable strategy; otherwise, you will go bankrupt fast.

In this article, we will cover the best strategies for Quotex that actually work!

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How to use trading strategies:

Here, the price moves quite frequently, and this is something that makes this market lucrative. Such trading can be dangerous for beginners as they don’t know much about the market. But don’t think that this is not the right financial market for beginners. When you have the right trading strategy, you can trade confidently.

But you need to keep in mind that not one trading strategy will work all the time.

quotex trading

Besides, it will also vary from one platform to another. For example, if you plan to use Quotex for trading, you can only use Quotex trading strategies to enjoy the best results because it offers a limited financial product that can not be found on other platforms. 

So, here you will get to know about some of the best and proven Quotex strategies that you can deploy to increase your winning chances. Let’s explore those strategies.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

The 6 best trading strategies that Quotex traders can use

As a reputed trading platform, Quotex offers different trading tools and strategies to traders to earn more profit. Well, these strategies can range from very complex to simple, with different payoffs and odd names.

Quotex is a trading platform that is available all over the world from India to the USA. It offers a mobile app as well. Points such as low fees and attractive bonuses attract traders to use Quotex.

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Most of the Quotex strategies are based on two major options, the Put or the Call. Go through the strategies carefully so that you can decide which one can work for your trading style.

1. Rebound line trading strategy

In simple words, line rebounding is a detailed and easy-to-follow graphical pattern that can catch the moments when the financial assets’ price cannot resist the level of breaking the support. As per the experts, during the trade, the stock price can attain a resistance level.

On the other hand, the candlestick can close below the line. Some traders think that the upward trend of the price will not happen again for that day. As a result, they all call for a fall.

When its price level attains the support line, and the candlestick closes that line, the traders assume that the price will not fall again. And this is the time when they can trade for a rise. So, for this strategy, you need to carefully study the price trend and candlestick position. 

2. Hikkake pattern trading strategy

The meaning of this Japanese word is “Catch, Hook and Ensnare.” The pattern was developed by Daniel L. To use this strategy, you need to understand the candles movements in this pattern. The first two candles in this pattern are called the Harami pattern. Or you can also call this the Inside-Day.

When the trend is upward, you can see a bearish Hikkake pattern. Here, you can see four general candles of this pattern. By analyzing the last candlestick, you can know the movement of price. If it moves downwards, then you can open a sell position and open for the right moment to close the trade. 

The traders can enter the trade when they detect a bullish Hikkake pattern. If you look at the first four candles, you can see a short drop in the trade prices. However, there will be a breakout. After that, the pattern will be complete. The pattern’s last candlestick will show that the price will rise. This is the time to go for a buy trade. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

3. Anti-marginal Quotex strategy

This is one of the most popular Quotex Strategies used by a lot of Quotex users. The traders can go for the fixed-time trades on this platform using this trading strategy. However, to increase your chances of making a profit, you need to follow some rules. 

First, you need to understand what should be your investment amount. Well, if you are trying out this for the first time, then start with USD 10. 

After that, conduct an extensive market analysis and forecast the price movement. You need to enter into the trade considering the forecasted direction. Now, you might be thinking about what you will do if you face the loss? Don’t worry at all, and use USD 5 for your next trading transaction. 

Keep observing the market and then open a trade based on your market analysis. When the trade time expires, you will see that you have owned the trade. So, if you want, now you can double the trading amount. For now, let’s move with USD 10. 

If you face your third loss, you can prefer to lower the amount to USD 5. After carrying out a market analysis, you can open a trade accordingly, and when it expires, you will find that you have made a profit. 

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Suppose you invest USD 10 in your fifth trading transaction. If you win, you can think about doubling the capital. If you lose, you can reduce the amount by 50 percent and put USD 10 on the next trade. 

Keep doing that, and in the end, you can see a total profit of USD 96. If applied properly, this strategy can help you earn a huge profit. That’s why anti-marginal trading is considered one of the most profitable Quotex strategies to try out. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

4. Reversal trading strategy

This strategy says the traders should buy stock in the direction where the price is currently moving. Well, this is a good trading strategy for the Binary Options traders as here the transactions can be carried out faster.

quotex bollinger bands

Speaking more about this, it is created considering three different powerful indicators. These are SMA, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. 

How to configure the indicators and charts? 

To apply the reversal trading strategy, the traders need to activate the candlestick chart. They can also trade some highly volatile assets, for example, cryptocurrencies and USD. For indicators, apply the following settings: 

  • Set default parameters for the MACD. 
  • Use 10-period for the SMA
  • Use 22-period and 2- deviations for Bollinger Bands.

As per the experts, to make this strategy effective, you should consider a 15-minute timeframe. However, you are free to change the timeframe later.

How to use this trading strategy

First, analyze the market and wait for a major price movement. You can see the candlesticks in the same color. Wait till four to six candles attain the same color.

However, don’t make your decision instantly as the trend can change at any time.

In this trading, false signals can be a reality. Based on the price action, the reverse trend can happen. So, consider a 5-minute to 15-minute timeframe. Now, make the call when you see the candlesticks located above the Bollinger bands have an upward trend. In this case, the MACD chard will be above zero. 

However, if the candlesticks are moving down and below the Bollinger Bands, then go for a Put. The price will make the MA move in a downward direction, and the line of the MACD will also go down.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

5. Haunting trading strategy

Among all the Quotex strategy, some traders may find this a little complex to use, but it can increase the chances of making more profit. This trading strategy is developed for trading under a lower timeframe.

For this strategy, it is advisable to go for the short trade expiration time. That means you can consider the formation time of at least three candlesticks.

quotex rsi

When all the lines show an upward movement, the traders can execute the Call. However, to verify the trend, make sure the RSI – Relative Strength Index is positioned above 50. On the other hand, when the Alligator lines are going downwards, you can execute a Put contract. 

6. Turbo trading strategy

This popular strategy utilizes two major technical indicators that every trader can find while using the Quotex platform. These are the Moving average and the Awesome Oscillator.

The moving average demonstrates the price movement’s direction. On the other hand, the Awesome Oscillator demonstrates the price change’s strength. Here, the traders generally prefer to initiate a trade on trend reversals. 

To buy trade, you need to make sure that the WMA crosses the EMA lines. For example, if it reaches the EMA 30 but doesn’t reach the EMA 20, then don’t enter into a trade. Go for Call when the histogram becomes positive. 

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You should go for the Put when the Awesome Oscillator enters the bottom area. As per the experts, this type of trading should be conducted in at least a 30-second timeframe. On the other hand, the expiration period should be less than one minute. 


While this trading strategy helps win a huge payout quickly, it also involves high risk. That’s because in such a short duration, predicting the price movement of an asset becomes difficult. 

The 5-minute trading strategy offers a better success rate against high-volume stocks. As a beginner, you can use this strategy to understand how the technical analysis of the market is done. Not to mention, the 5-minute trading strategy offers you the opportunity to trade multiple times a trade.

How to trade 5 minute Binary Options? 

A 5-minute trading strategy might sound complicated to some, but it’s not. With sheer dedication and patience, one can master it. To trade using 5-minute binary options, you need to register yourself with a reliable broker.

quotex registration

After registering, choose an asset you want to trade from the available options. It’s suggested to choose an asset you are most familiar with—this way will reduce your chances of losing trade. 

Speculate the price movement and “sell” or “buy” depending on the prediction. You will win a huge payout if the market moves in your predicted direction. Otherwise, you will lose the entire traded amount. 

quotex 5 minute strategy

One way you can increase your chances of winning a 5-minute trade is by using the right 5-minute trading strategies. You can also thoroughly study the market to spot better market trends. 

Best strategies for five-minute option expiry 

Five minutes binary options expiry can be traded in multiple ways. Many traders like to trade in this time frame because it is volatile, and it can also sustain a long trend to be useful. 

Depending on your interest, you can use the 5-minute option expiry to see the swings in momentum. You can also look at the bigger picture with 5-minute candles.

quotex 5 minute strategies

No fixed asset is proven to perform better in a 5 minutes time frame. So, you can choose either indices, forex, or commodities. As these assets are traded globally, they have better action. Compared to less liquid assets, these will move within their near-term ranges. 

You can set the charts to 1, 2, or 5 minutes during 5-minute expiry charts. Below are some popular five-minute trading strategies that you can choose.

Price action strategies 

It’s an easy and simple trading strategy where traders look at the minute-to-minute changes in the price action of an asset. They also analyze how the price action is behaving. Earlier, price action was analyzed using ticker tape. But now, traders use MT4 and a similar charting package. 

mt4 quotex

MT4 works perfectly with price charts of 1, 2, or 5 minutes. Continuation or reversal in the market is indicated through patterns like pennants, diamonds, triangles, head and shoulders, and more. 

Scalping strategies 

The short form of price action strategy for Binary Options is scalping strategies. A trade that you make after analyzing how the market will behave in the next period is called scalping

Unlike other trading strategies, this one does not care about the trend. Scalping strategy only cares about the direction in which the market will move.

In addition, the strategy also depends on whether the market will continually move in the same direction or not for a long time to pick a trade. Scalping strategies seem to work well for the charts set to 5 minutes.  

Candlestick strategy

The Candlestick strategy is used to understand the market’s mood. When you know the market mood, you know how the market will act and the direction in which the price will move.


This trading strategy comes in handy while trading in a fast-paced environment. That’s because, in the Candlestick strategy, the signals on hourly charts are weaker than the signals on daily charts. But signals on hourly charts are stronger than on charts with limited time frames. 

Another interesting thing about the Candlestick strategy is that it offers an option to increase the chart’s timeframe. You can do this by identifying the support and resistance on the chart.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Momentum swing strategy 

Momentum in the binary options market is defined as a force needed to move the price of a commodity in the market. In case the momentum of an asset moves too far in a particular direction, then the market creates a price swing in the opposite direction for establishing a balance.

quotex macd

An important part of technical analysis and price action is the momentum/swing strategy. You can use indicators like stochastic or MACD indicators (see screenshot above) to trade with momentum. If you want to trade when the momentum moves too far, consider using 1 or 2-minute charts. 

Trend following strategies 

A trend is established when there is enough momentum. It is a situation where new money enters the market. Trends can be measured and predicted like any other technical analysis aspect. 

Pivot points 

If you want to know about the price action’s turning point, you must use pivot points. This 5-minute trading strategy has become popular among traders. 

When the asset is around a pivot point, it indicates that the price trend will get stronger or it will reverse. Ideally, pivot points are calculated by analyzing the previous trade sessions. 

Final words: Quotex trading strategies

Even though options trading is associated with a higher level of risk, you can use different Quotex strategies that can limit the risk. These strategies are tested by experts for their effectiveness and can help you to increase your overall returns.

All the above-mentioned trading strategies are quite straightforward, but you shouldn’t consider them free of risk. So, don’t forget to study the market and price trends before making a trade. Besides, you use the Quotex demo account and tools to create and try out other trading strategies.

Once you’re ready, you can start real trading and use the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods Quotex offers.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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