How to trade OTC assets on Binomo over the weekend?

The centralized nature of various markets only limits them to a certain quantum of possibilities. We know how strict it can get when trading stocks through a stock market such as the New York Stock Exchange. Companies and investors both have to abide by strict guidelines. But hey! That is where OTC trading comes as a better choice. Anyone who wishes to seek more opportunities in the trading world can benefit from it.

otc trading on binomo

OTC trading has also grown significantly in the past few years. It is mainly because of the rise in online trading and the increasing popularity of binary options. Let’s learn everything about OTC assets on Binomo.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

What does Binomo OTC trading mean?

Binomo is among the top binary brokers available in the trading business. It holds the category “A” membership in the International Financial Commission. 

That guarantees the customer quality services with Binomo along with transparent relations. Besides all those features, Binomo also offers an additional opportunity to earn.


Since it is a top-notch binary options trading broker, it offers its customers the opportunity to earn through OTC as well.

Traditionally, OTC signified trading in those markets, which also offered to sell and buy the shares of the firms with controversial fame. Since such firms did not publish their profits, buying and selling their shares in the usual exchanges wasn’t easy. 

But recently, OTC trading has grown beyond its ordinary potential. Innovative advancements such as the new blockchain type are emerging. That makes trading of classic assets in OTC more feasible than ever before. As a result, even new traders can effectively benefit from it. 

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

How to trade OTC during weekends?

The OTC facility is available during the weekends. That means you can continue your trading from Friday to Sunday. A trader can constantly trade the OTC currency pairs on forex commencing from 21:00 UTC Friday until 21:00 UTC Sunday. All a trader needs to do is: 

  • Navigate to the fixed time trades on the Binomo platform.
  • Select the asset of choice by scrutinizing the rate of returns.
  • Begin trading with those assets during the weekend hours
weekend trading on binomo

You can commence the OTC session from the moment the market session gets over for the particular week. 

Once the Binomo OTC session begins, it stays open for 48 hours. Therefore, you can start trading with OTC assets within that duration of time. Another fact a trader needs to keep in mind is that Binomo allows trading cryptocurrencies during the weekends as well. 

Winning the OTC trades can get a trader an additional opportunity to earn more profits in a week. She can continue to trade even after the market hours. But, by doing so, a trader must not get carried away. The benefits of OTC trading should let the trader switch to emotional trading. 

Moreover, the trader should avoid trading all the assets in one go. Therefore, it is always wise to take an occasional break and then continue the trades. Trading with a calm and focused mind only shall help you win the trades.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

What does OTC signify?

The concept of OTC does not date back very back and is relatively new. Perhaps only a few traders might be unaware of the benefits and functioning of the OTC trades. In binary options, it has extended its reach significantly. 

Conventionally, OTC focused on providing an opportunity to trade with the shares of those companies that did not publish their profits.

weekend binomo

The OTC market is decentralized, unlike the regular trading markets. Participants trade assets such as stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. It can also include other instruments in the market. It occurs directly between two parties. Hence eliminates the presence of a central exchange or broker.

We can translate OTC to its full form as Over-the-counter. There is no need to have physical locations; instead, trading is executed electronically.

Therefore, we can understand it as nothing but a process in which the trader can exchange securities. However, such an exchange occurs through a broker-dealer network in OTC trades. 

Over-the-counter trades can involve various instruments like the regular market. For example, it may include instruments such as equities, debt instruments, and derivates that derive their price from an underlying asset. 

The over-the-counter process serves just one main purpose; to facilitate trading directly between the counterparties. However, a new trader must be aware of the fact that the OTC assets need not be listed on any exchange.

otc trading binomo

Therefore, it becomes advantageous for even a small company that does not make it to the list. It can easily enter the trading by offering its shares without meeting the exchange’s requirements.

Often, certain companies fail to meet the requirements to become eligible for the exchange’s listing. Such companies can benefit from OTC by utilizing it to trade their shares and securities and prevent their losses effectively.  

OTC trading raises the asset’s availability since small companies also participate in it. However, the buyer also gets the advantage of choosing the unlisted assets. The trader can choose from more securities available at cheaper rates. Also, the decentralized nature of the OTC trading process makes it more favorable to traders. When the restrictions are lower, it allows for more freedom

We can say that Over-the-counter markets allow parties to trade directly between themselves. They can do that without using a central exchange or another third party.

Because it is decentralized, even the OTC markets don’t have any physical locations or market-makers.

There can be numerous products that a trader can trade through OTC. However, bonds, derivatives, structured products, and currencies are the most common.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

Risks of over-the-counter markets

A trader can reap additional trading benefits from OTC trading. However, certain inherent risks may arise with OTC markets. The OTC markets perform positively during usual times. However, it possesses an additional risk; the counterparty risk.

It signifies the default made by one party in the transaction before completing the trade. In other words, the risk is that the parties will not make the current and future payments required of them by the contract.

Risk leverage

Such a lack of transparency arises as a direct result of decentralization. Since the restrictions are fewer, the risks grow higher with OTC in this case. It can cause a vicious cycle to develop, especially during financial stress. 

The best example of counterparty risk is the 2007–08 global credit crisis. In that case, the mortgage-backed securities and other derivatives, such as CMOS and CDOs, were traded only through OTC. As a result, reliable pricing could not occur, and the liquidity totally dried up due to a lack of buyers. 

A direct result was the increase in dealers retreating from their market-making positions. 

That worsened the situation as it heightened the liquidity problem and caused a worldwide credit crunch. 

There have been numerous regulatory initiatives launched to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. The initiatives included clearinghouse usage. It is used for the processing of OTC trades post-trade.

What are the OTC assets available with Binomo?

There are a specific set of assets available for a Binomo OTC trader. However, the number that Binomo provides is higher than others in the industry. A trader just needs to visit the ‘fixed time tab’ on the Binomo platform. It will display the list of assets that are available with Binomo. 

otc binomo

From our analysis of the platform, we can safely tell you that Binomo offers 8 assets in OTC. Out of these eight assets, seven assets are currency pairs, and one is a commodity. We can further view them in their differentiated forms as; GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and NZDUSD, among the currency pairs and gold in commodity. 

The traders can use these assets for Fixed Time Trades. Moreover, they can also view the rate of return for each asset besides it. The rate of return will tell which asset is best to choose during a particular duration. You can also see an option available with the platform that shall provide you with more information.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

About the OTC broker: Binomo

Binomo is a binary trading broker that is perhaps one of the premium service providers. The IFC mainly regulates it, but it is in pursuit of getting a certification from CySEC. Such regulations and certifications make it a reliable and safe broker.


It also offers lucrative features such as more than 30 trading signals and other trading tools for technical and fundamental analysis. The minimum deposit is $350 for a new trader. But the minimum cost of a trade is low and starts at an amount of $1. That makes it an affordable broker 

Binomo is a technology-oriented broker, and that is why it offers its convenient app for traders. The app is available on both major OS platforms: IOS and Android. But one of the fascinating features is the availability of OTC trading. Binomo offers eight highly rewarding assets for OTC trading. The traders can use them to gain additional trading advantages over the weekends.

Conclusion: OTC assets on Binomo

OTC trades provide an added opportunity to ambitious traders. Those who wish to increase their profits by continuing to trade over the weekends can fulfill their wish through the OTC market.

otc assets on binomo

Binomo is a broker which offers assets, especially for OTC trading. The traders can use them for trading even during the weekends. It begins soon after the regular market hours close. Therefore, with Binomo OTC, the traders can expect to win more trades.

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(Risk warning: Trading involves risks)

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